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Best Day of Week to visit EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

by Stephanie
(Tulsa, OK)


I found on your website the best day of week of MK, but Im not seeing a run down of best to worst (weekdays regardless of month) for the other parks…did I just not see it? Thanks.

It’s pretty much the same answer

Any day is a good day to see the snowmen on Frozen Ever After

It’s always a good day to ride Frozen Ever After – Photo by Cliff Wang

Hi Stephanie or should I say neighbor. I’m right down 44 in Edmond, in fact I used to work at the Tulsa airport.

When it comes to the best day to visit EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or even Animal Kingdom the answer is pretty much the same as what I said for the Magic Kingdom.

Dad’s Best Day to Visit Magic Kingdom page

Pretty much every day is the best day to visit the Disney Parks, or as I always say when talking about best weeks to visit, anytime you can is the best time.

Dad’s Best Time to Visit Disney page

If you go over and look at that best time to visit the Magic Kingdom page, you’ll see that Tuesday is the best due to it being the day of the week with the lowest crowds on average. The same logic holds true of all the other parks. Overall, (and it’s not a hard and fast rule or even a very big difference) Tuesday is the day with lowest crowds.

The list from the Magic Kingdom page (from “best to worst”)-

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Monday
  • Sunday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

    This same list works for all the parks.


    I am a big fan of using to make my park day selections. You can see projected crowds in the parks for every day. I’ll make my choices for which park to visit on which day based on their predictions.

    Dad’s TouringPlans page

    The Extra Magic Hours Thing

    A lot of people will tell you to avoid Extra Magic Hours Day, or to go the day after Extra Magic Hours. Both of those suggestions have merit.

    Extra Magic Hours, especially morning Extra Magic Hours will draw bigger crowds to the parks. How much bigger. It varies. Sometimes it makes a moderate difference sometimes it doesn’t make much difference at all.

    Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

    If you are staying in a Disney hotel and have the Park Hopper option, the morning Extra Magic Hour park is usually the best choice. Go to the Extra Magic Hour park, enjoy until the crowds start picking up around noon and hop over to another park.

    Going to a park the day after morning Extra Magic Hours as good a strategy as any for picking a day to visit a park. Some times there is a dip on the day after morning EMH. Some times there isn’t.


    I wish I could give you a Simple list of the best days to visit EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. There just isn’t one.

    “Anytime you can” is an old cliche, but a cliche, none the less, in that it’s true. Anytime you can is pretty much the best time to visit any of the parks.

    I guess if you had to pin me down, I’d say 42 is the answer. Oops, I mean Tuesday. But you probably can’t go to all the parks on Tuesday, so I’d use the list above and prioritize the parks using that list.

    Don’t forget to check TouringPlans.

    Destinations to Travel

    Dad’s Bottom Line

    Stephanie, you really can’t go wrong on choosing which day to visit any of the Disney Parks. Yes, crowds sometimes (and for no apparent reason) show up at a particular park which can make things harder, but if you have a good plan, if you get to the park early, if you use FastPass+ you can conquer just about any crowd level.

    I hope that helps.


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