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Best Disney World Resort when it rains

by Jenn

What is the best Disney World Resort to visit when it rains?

Dad’s good question Answer


Good to hear from you again. That’s a good question you’ve got there. What’s the best hotel to visit when it’s raining? It depends.

It depends on where you are. If you are in the Magic Kingdom or in the Future World part of EPCOT, I’d pick the Polynesian. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, Dad you just love the Polynesian and it’s always Polynesian, Polynesian, Polynesian around here. BUT, there is a really good reason why Dad picks the Polynesian Resort here. It’s because there is a lot to see inside the Polynesian lobby. There’s several neat shops to browse through, and you can even walk out to the beach area (if it’s not raining too hard) and get you hair braided or a picture drawn. Enough about the Poly.

Dad’s Polynesian Resort page

If you are in the World Showcase or at Disney Hollywood Studios, I’d go to the Boardwalk Inn or the Beach/Yacht Club. From Animal Kingdom, go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Jenn, I hope that helps.

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