Best Entrance to the Magic Kingdom

Best Entrance to the Magic Kingdom

by Billy
(Burleson, TX. USA)

What's the best entrance to the Magic Kingdom?

Its been a long time since I've been to Walt Disney World and we stayed off-site. We entered the parking lot, got on the ferry and sailed into Magic Kingdom. When I take my family we will be staying at Fort Wilderness Resort. How do I need to arrange our arrival so my kids can have the same build of anticipation on the ferry I had as a kid? Will it cause us to loose time?

Dad's Not the same but maybe better Answer


There is a great way to get from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom . It's one that is very memorable and exciting. It's probably better at building anticipation than riding the ferry.

For the best entrance to the Magic Kingdom, ride the Fort Wilderness Resort ferry that runs back and forth from the dock to the park. It's a great ride. The anticipation builds as you pass the Contemporary Resort and transition from Bay Lake to Seven Seas Lagoon. The ride is even longer than the ferry ride, it's a smaller boat so it's more personal, and if you get a good captain, the trip can be really nice.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


The boat lets you off right in front of the main gate. It will be a great memory. (Dad's a bit jealous.)

After the first time you can ride the bus, which lets you off right by the dock area.

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