Best snacks for kids at Disney World

Best snacks for kids at Disney World

What is the best snack to take to the Disney World parks for kids? Mine are 12, 9, and 7.

Dad's I dunno Answer

Wow, what a question. What is the best snack for kids at Disney World? Mmmmm??? I don't really know. It depends on what your kids like. We always bought our snacks in the park, but that was like a hundred years ago when there weren't that many choices. Plus Disney was a little less open with the allowing people to bring stuff into the parks.

I'd just take whatever you the kids like. No, don't go healthy (unless you eat healthy all the time). You're on vacation. Live a little. Yes I know the snacks at Disney World are outrageous in price, but they really do have some good stuff (oh, yeah, there's some bad stuff too).

A lot of the fun of Disney World is getting a Mickey Ice Cream Bar and chomping the ears off.

Dad's Bottom Line

I haven't given snacks at Disney World a lot of thought. Anyone else got any favorites. (I know the Man-Child still wants a turkey leg.)

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