Best time of year to visit Walt Disney World?

Best time of year to visit Walt Disney World?

by Trish

Hi Dad, My husband and I have enjoyed Disney World as a middle aged couple twice in the last year, 9/10/09-9/14/09 and 5/9/10-5/14/10. We have fallen in love with Port Orleans French Quarter because of the boat ride to Downtown Disney and the size of the resort.

Our goal is to visit when the crowds are the smallest. I would like to see the Christmas decorations, but after reading your blog about the negatives of the first week of December, I am not sure that we will go at that time.

Have you ever visited in mid-November? Would Disney have very many Christmas decorations up at that time? What is your opinion on the least crowded week of the year. Is that an impossible question?


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Thanks for the question about the best time of the year to visit Disney World. (Sounds like a good topic for a really long page, but for now I'll just answer your question.) I'm a little jealous about your trips. We (Mrs. Mom and I) look forward to a couple of quiet trips one of these years.

You've visited Disney World during some of the slower times, but there are a couple of periods that have lower crowds even than September.

The slowest weeks of the year will usually be the last week in January and the first week in February along with the first couple of weeks in November. (Because Dad has mentioned them, you watch, in 2011 they will be the busiest weeks of the months. That's the power of Dad. Just kidding.)

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There are a couple of really good weeks to visit Disney World when the Christmas decorations are up. You can go the week before Thanksgiving. Most of the decorations will be up. (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party starts on the 14th of November, so the Magic Kingdom will be decked out that early.)

The only problem with going to Disney World before Thanksgiving is the Candlelight Processional doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving. So, in Dad's not so humble opinion, the week to visit is the week after Thanksgiving. Crowds will be almost non-existent and all the decorations and special events will be in full swing.

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h1>Dad's Bottom Line

If I were you, I'd check out the last week of November. I think it's just about the best time of the year to visit Walt Disney World.

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