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Best Time to go, September or November 2019?

by James Locke
(Oxford MI)

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“I have booked for a room Sept. 4th to Sept. 12 at the Pop Century. I would like to avoid a heavy crowd. Do you believe I could have a smaller crowd at Disney if I change my reservations to the date of Nov. 13th to Nov. 21st?”

Not Your Typical September


Typically this would be a pretty easy question. Early September is historically the absolutely best time of the year crowds wise to visit Walt Disney World. We’re talking no crowds at all sometimes.

That’s not going to be true in 2019.

With the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, crowds will be lots bigger than historic crowds. I’m guessing instead of light crowds, they will be moderate to occasionally heavy crowds.

I think that’s true especially early like when you want to go.

Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page

November Too

That’s not to say that November won’t be busier than normal. I think the crowds in November will be up a little. Just going by the fact that Disney has not released any discounts for November yet, tells me that hotel bookings are up for November and that crowds will be bigger than normal.

Typically that week in November would be pretty slow. I think it will be a little busier than normal, but not crazy.

Putting it All Together

So what does all that gobbely gook mean? Putting it all together I think that September will be a better choice. Yes, September.

The crowds in September will all be going to Galaxy’s Edge. The other parks should be nice and quiet. We’ve seen this both with the openings of Pandora and Toy Story Land. Right at first everyone rushes to the new land and the other parks are slower.

By November the crowds will disperse a little more to the other parks, and I think the November crowds will be about the same as the September crowds.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

No one really knows what’s going to happen after Galaxy’s Edge opens. We’re all kind of guessing. I think I’d stick with September and enjoy the other parks.


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