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Best time to visit in 2019 for 2 weeks

by Andrea Castro

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“I would like to visit for WDW for 2 weeks in 2019. Can you tell me when will be the best time to be there considering the expecting crowds? It’s going to be our first visit and we were thinking about last week of February and first week of March. Would it be a good time?”

The Best Time to Visit WDW

Dad's 2019 WDW Crowd Calendars

Here are the 2019 Crowd Calendars

Hey Andrea. When I’m asked when is the BEST time to visit Walt Disney World, I always answer, “Anytime you can.” I know that’s not very helpful so let’s dive in a little deeper.

I’ve got a page called The Best Time to Visit Disney. That goes into detail of each month and tells you what months are good and what months are not as good.

Dad’s Best Time to Visit Disney page

Dad's February Crowd Calendar

February doesn’t look bad

You’re talking about the end of February, 1st of March, that’s a good time to go. It may not be the best time. Probably crowd-wise, it’s not the best time, ’cause that first week of March is starting to get busy. This year, I know it was pretty, pretty busy that first week of March. The crowds are starting. The spring break crowds are starting to come earlier and earlier.

Dad's March Disney World Crowds page

March looks busy

Actually, for avoiding crowds, the best time of the year to go is September. Yes, it’s hotter, you’ve gotta deal with possible hurricanes, but that doesn’t happen very often, but it’s possible. You’ve got a lot of rain. But literally, September is the time of lowest crowds. Any time in September, the whole month of September.

Dad's September Disney World Crowds page

September is the best

You can go over to our crowd calendar pages and see the whole year. It goes month by month. Some of the months are still 2018 crowds, but the 2019 calendars are much the same as the 2018, especially in September. Crowd’s not changed in September for years, even with all the changes that have been going on around the year. September is still that slow and easy month.

Dad’s Walt Disney World Crowd Calendars page

Food and Wine vs. Flower and Garden

The Dance of the Haunted Mansion during the Boo to You Parade

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is GREAT – Photo by Judd Helms

September, you have the Food & Wine Festival, and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. In February and March, you’ve got the beginning of the Flower & Garden Festival. You’ll just the Festival of the Arts. I like the September, events better. It will be hotter, it will be wetter, but September, crowd-wise is MUCH nicer.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is September, crowd-wise, is the best time to go all year long

The whole month of September. From mid-August through the end of September the crowds are great. 1st of October, it starts getting busy.

So that period from the next last week in August, all the way through the end of September. If you’re going for two weeks, I’d go two weeks in the middle of September.


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Apr 14, 2018 To hot
by: Daniel

Hi Dad! It’s true that September crowds are low but we were there in 2017 and it was SO HOT and HUMID that it was not worth it compared to the winter months.

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