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Best Time to Visit
Walt Disney World in 2016


Wow, how time flies. 2016 will be here before you know it. I guess it's time (and way past time) to talk about the best time to Visit Walt Disney World in 2016.

Christmas time at the Magic Kingdom is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in 2016Photo by Mike Billick


Are you ready?


"Please keep hands and arms inside the ride vehicle at all times."


Here we go...

The Best Time to Visit

A very smart person once said that the best time to go to Walt Disney World is, and I quote, "any time you can." Yep, Dad said that and its true. The best time to visit WDW is truly any time you can.


There are times of the year that are "more magical" than others.


To see everything you need to know about the "more magical" and "less magical" times of year, visit...

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Maybe a "Scary" Time

Halloween Decorations outside the ConfectioneryPhoto by WDWOW


So let's make this pretty simple. Dad has some "weeks" he thinks are more fun, more magical than the other weeks of the year. Here are Dad's top 5 "weeks" to visit WDW in 2016.

It all starts with Christmas

The Nutcrackers standing guard over Main Street at ChristmasPhoto by Matthew Cooper

The Week after Thanksgiving (Christmas Season)

Dad is a big fan of Christmas at Disney World. Duh. The Christmas season at WDW lasts from early November through the end of the first week in January.


There are a lot of good weeks to visit WDW during the Christmas season, but Dad's favorite is the week after Thanksgiving (November 27 to December 3).


There are several reasons to go in November. Low crowds, great weather and the Christmas decorations are all up. The reason we choose this week is the Candlelight Processional starts the day after Thanksgiving. Every Christmas visit should include the Candlelight Processional. It's the whole reason for the season.

Dad's Christmas at Disney World page

Really Good Food

Photo by Pics from the World of Disney

September the whole month

The second "week" we choose for the best time in 2016 is September. No, not a specific week in September. The whole month.


The month of September may be the least crowded month of the year. Crowds are low almost all month. It's hot, but with low crowds it's really easy to get things done.


During September the Halloween decorations go up and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party starts. Late in the month, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival kicks off. Both are not to be missed.


September is a great time to visit WDW.

Dad's September Crowds page

No Crowds

Photo by Daily Disney Snapshots

Second Week of January

The 3rd week we choose to visit WDW in 2016 is the second week of January. Why the second week in January (January 10 - 17)? Mmm, maybe it's because this is the next time Dad will be at WDW for a vacation.


In January, it's all about the lows. Low temperatures, low crowds, low rain chances, etc.

January Disney World Crowds


May - Yep, another whole month. May has it all, fairly low crowds, great weather (usually) and some really fun events. It's a really nice time to visit.


In May the Flower and Garden Festival come to a close. What a beautiful time to be at Walt Disney World. The flower displays at Epcot are mind-blowing.

May Disney World Crowds

You can reach right up and touch the sky

Photo by Matthew Cooper

Summer Shoulder Weeks

I think it's time for Dad to break out in song again. Let's sing along.


Boy wan't that fun? Dad loves to sing.


Oh, yeah we were talking about summer at WDW.


Finding a time when the kiddos are out of school to visit WDW can be daunting. The Christmas holiday time is usually too busy. Other holiday weeks are packed. Spring break is just crazy.

So when is a good time to visit WDW in the when the kiddos are out of school? What would you think if I said "in the summertime, when the weather is high..."


Yep, there are some summertime weeks that we think are good times to visit WDW. We call these weeks the Summer Shoulder Weeks (I just made that up).


The first two weeks of June and the last two weeks of August are pretty good times to visit WDW when it comes to crowds. The first two weeks in June are particularly good with Star Wars Weekends. (One small heads up.)


Then there is the other end of summer, the last 2 weeks of August. Around the 15th of August, everyone goes home. Crowds levels are really low the last couple of weeks.


The Summer Shoulder Weeks are pretty good times to go.


Book your trip

Are you ready to go? Great. Our partners over at Destinations to Travel are standing by waiting to help you figure out your best time to visit Walt Disney World in 2016. Drop them a message today.

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Dad's Bottom Line

The bottom line is the best time in 2016 to visit Walt Disney World is whenever you can, but there are some weeks when it's simpler, more magical, and just more fun.