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The Best Time to Visit
Walt Disney World in 2017


Before you know it 2016 will be a Fun memory and we'll all be getting ready for that Magical 2017 Walt Disney World vacation. So when is the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World in 2017?




The Candlelight Processional is part of the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World in 2017Here's a hint - Photo by Laurie Sapp


"Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall..."

Sing it Dad. Oooh, Dad sings good.


OK Dad, quit messing around what is it going to be?

When to visit in 2017

So you want to know when to go to WDW in 2017. I can help. Below you'll find my favorite times of the year to visit and some of my favorite weeks.

Dad's 2017 Crowd Calendar

Christmas at WDW

Christmas at WDW is incredible - photo by Laurie Sapp


Let's kick off by talking about the Christmas season at Walt Disney World. It's my "most favoritest" time to be at WDW.


I'm a big sucker for Christmas at WDW. I think it's absolutely the best thing ever. Every year we try to make a trip to Walt Disney World during the Christmas season.


I think everyone should experience Christmas time at Walt Disney World at least once. (No, I didn't say Christmas week at Disney World at least once. I'm not that cruel.)


There are lots of good weeks to visit Walt Disney World during the Christmas season and only a couple of "bad" ones.


I really like going to in early November. It's kind of the best of both worlds. The first week of November you can watch the Magic Kingdom transition from Halloween to Christmas. That's incredible.


You also have the Epcot Food and Wine Festival happening until about the middle of the month. I love the Food and Wine Festival. I can almost taste the steak now.


The first three weeks of December are also pretty good. Crowds are light to moderate and everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit.


I can't recommend Thanksgiving week or Christmas Week. Those have really big crowds (Christmas week is the busiest week of the year by far.)


OK, I've thrown a lot at you, but it all boils down to, the best week of the year to visit during Christmas season, and my number 1 pick for the best week of the year to visit Walt Disney World in 2017 is the week after Thanksgiving.


November 26 to December 2 is the winner.


Dad's Christmas at Disney World page


September kicks off the Food and Wine Festival - Photo by Matthew Cooper


The second "most favoritest" time of the year to be at WDW is September.


The first three weeks of September Walt Disney World is pretty much a ghost town. (Literally in the Magic Kingdom.) September is the month with the smallest crowds overall.


But just because the crowds are small doesn't mean there's not a whole lot of fun.


In September two of the my favorite things kick off. It all starts the first part of the month with Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Oh, my what fun. What could be better than Trick or Treating in the Magic Kingdom. Dress the kiddos up and have a ball.


Then around the middle of the month, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival gets started. I talked about the ending of the Festival in November, but the beginning is just as fun and just as yummy.


The only drawback to September is the heat. It's still very hot in September. The temperatures get pretty high in the afternoon. There is usually a quick shower to cool things down, but the combination of heat and humidity can be brutal.


Even with that, I think middle September is one of the best times of the year to be at WDW.


My recommended week for September 2017 is September 10 to September 16.


Historically, January and February are really nice months to be at Walt Disney World. Crowds are usually low and temperatures are comfortable.


Of course the first week is pretty busy, but once the Christmas crowds go away things slow down. Oh, and the Christmas decorations stay up for several days...


2016 was a bit of an outlier when you look at the crowd patterns. I think Disney ran a big promotion outside the US to bring international visitors in and it worked. Crowds in January and February were really up in 2016.


That being said, it's still a good time to visit.


A couple of weeks I would recommend are January 8 through January 14 and January 29 through February 4.


Star Wars Weekends are gone, but May remains a great time to head to Orlando.


May is a month where light to moderate crowds are the norm. Weekends can be busy if the weather is good. During May the Flower and Garden Festival comes to a close which is kind of sad.


May temperatures are nice and warm but not the scorching hot temps you get in the summer.


The week in May I'd recommend is May 7 through May 13.

The BEST Time to Visit WDW in 2017

Several years ago, a very wise man said the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World is...

Wait for it...


Anytime you can.


Who said that? Dad did, of course. Yes, some times of the year offer smaller crowds, more events, less heat, etc. But, truly the best time to go on a Magical Vacation is whenever you can work it out.

Dad's Best Time to Visit Disney page

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Dad's Bottom Line

So now you've seen what Dad thinks is the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World in 2017. Yes, you can have a great vacation at any time, but these periods offer the best chance for you to have a Simple, a Fun and a truly Magical trip.


Trust Me!