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Best Way to Buy or Upgrade Tickets?

by Barb / Paula
(Winnipeg Manitoba Canada / England)

Questions about tickets seem to be on the minds of Dad’s readers lately, so let’s hop to it and answer them!

First I got a message about using Air Miles, from Barb:

I just ordered a 3 day park pass from air miles but I want to know if I could add 1 day to it when I get there so we have 1 full day at all the parks.

Then, Paula popped by with this one:

Can I purchase a Magic Your Way 2 Day Park Hopper ticket in England? We are coming to the gulf coast in September 2016 and plan to only have a couple of, days, in Orlando.

Cinderella Castle

Getting your tickets sorted is Dad’s top priority – Photo by Mike Billick

Dad’s Terrific Tickets Answer

Okay ladies, let’s go one at a time.

Barb, since you got your tickets on an Air Miles promotion, your ticket is an outside vendor sale and you will not be able to upgrade on site. You MIGHT be able to call Disney with your ticket confirmation number and pay to upgrade in advance – but it’s more likely they will ask you to pay for another day at full price rather than the cost difference from a 3-to-4 day Magic Your Way ticket. You can also purchase your 4th day at the gate.

If you want to sort out your tickets in advance and save a bit, you can purchase a 1-day ticket (don’t do this for Magic Kingdom, it’s priced higher than the other parks) at a discount from The Official Ticket Center.

Paula, there should be no issue with you purchasing your ticket while in England. Just go to the Disney World UK website and make your purchase. Or, better yet, get your tickets from at a discount from The Official Ticket Center and you’ll save a bunch. There’s also no harm in buying your tickets at the gate.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Barb and Paula, getting your tickets for Disney World is the most important part of your trip and it can be confusing – but don’t worry! Just follow Dad’s advice and you’ll be in the middle of the magic in no time!

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