Best week to visit Disney World in November

Best week to visit Disney World in November

by Joanne

I am trying to decided if we should go to Disney Nov 15 for 5 days or Nov 30th for 5 days. Which would you recommend?

The Soldier standing guard over the Magic Kingdom at Christmas

Christmas at Disney World is just amazing - Photo by Susan Buckley Bass from the Facebook page

Dad's Free Dining vs. the Candlelight Processional Answer


I've probably been asked this question 10 times in the last couple of weeks and I'm still not sure I have a great answer, but I'll give it a shot.

It really boils down to FREE DINING vs. The Candlelight Processional. Really. Trust me.

Let's look at the two weeks. First let's look at them in order.

The week of November 15 is a great time to visit Walt Disney World. November may be the best month overall to visit Disney World. The first week of the month you can watch the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas and there is nothing better than Christmas at Disney World.

Dads's Christmas at Disney World page

November has low crowds (all except Thanksgiving Week) all month and the week of November 15 may be the lowest crowds of the month. Even for the weekend, crowds will be really low.

Dads's November crowds page

But the best reason to go to Disney World the week of November 15 is FREE DINING! Yes, Disney just announced FREE DINING is back for the fall. It's available for guests checking in to a Disney Hotel the 11th through the 23rd, so you'd be getting FREE DINING! That's a big deal. It will save you a ton of money.

The week of November 30 (the week after Thanksgiving) was the number one of my top 5 weeks to visit Disney World in 2013. (That was before Disney announced the dates for FREE DINING. Dad's pick doesn't look quite as good now.)

The decorations at the Osborne Family Lights

The Osborne Family Festival of Lights - Photo by Jeff Gill from Facebook page

There are some really good reasons that I like the week after Thanksgiving. Low crowds, great weather, CHRISTMAS at Disney World but the number one reason ... drum roll please ...

The Candlelight Processional. The Candlelight Processional starts on November 29 this year (the day after Thanksgiving), so you'd miss it if you went on November 15. Am I saying the Candlelight Processional is a deal breaker? It is for Dad and Mrs. Mom, but you aren't Dad and Mrs. Mom.

I will say that crowds will be a lot bigger if you check in on November 30th than they will be checking in on the 15th. You'll notice a significant difference. Even though the week after Thanksgiving is has moderately low crowds, the week before Thanksgiving has low crowds almost every day.

Dads's December crowds page

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Joanne, it really does boil down to The Candlelight Processional vs FREE DINING. Yes, crowds will be smaller the week before Thanksgiving, but crowds won't be out of control (except maybe on Saturday) the week after.

Me, I'd go the week after ...

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Aug 14, 2013
Free Dining
by: Kim Anderson

Our reservations were already made for our trip from Nov.12 thru Nov.21st.....I was absolutely delighted when the free dining was announced, even tho we are staying at Pop Century (we obviously upgraded to the regular Dining Plan from the Quick Service....we get our money's worth!...and we saved over $600 on our vacation!)

Aug 11, 2013
Free Dining November... Not for us! :(
by: Sara-Jayne

Hi Dad!

There's no free dining at Art of Animation this November :( It seems pretty unfair since Pop has it. We won't change though because we want the boys to use the AOA pool :(

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