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Big changes are coming to Walt Disney World Ticket prices


by Dad

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We’ve heard rumors for a while about this and it’s finally here. BIG changes are coming the Walt Disney World ticket prices. REALLY BIG!!!!


a Magic Band ticket reader at the Magic Kingdom

Big change to tickets at Walt Disney World – Photo by Cliff Wang


It’s not official yet, but their are big rumors from very reliable sources that Disney is going to implement the “dynamic pricing” on tickets tomorrow (Sunday, February 28.)


Yes this is a BIG, BIG deal. But it’s not a big deal. Huh? That doesn’t make any sense Dad. “Dad you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!”


OK, let me ‘splain.


For Disney this is a really, really, BIG, BIG deal. They have been working on this for almost a year. They floated the trail balloon about this back in October to see what kind of response Dad would have (yes, the Disney World does revolve around Dad.) Here’s what I said about the new ticket pricing structure back in October.



For the last couple of months, Disney has been reprogramming it’s computers to work with the new pricing structure. (That’s why they have been having so many computer glitches lately.) It’s a huge change. It effects almost every price they give out. Changing it overnight is a major, major computer nightmare.


Yes, they did this to the hotels years ago, but for the computer system it wasn’t such a big change. For the hotels, they’ve had this “dynamic pricing” from the beginning. Even before computers were involved. Different times of the year cost differently. A few years ago, Disney reprogramed the hotel prices so that they could charge different prices on the weekends. So for the hotels is was phased in. For the tickets, they are going to change all at once.


That makes it a BIG, BIG deal.


Yes, in the next few days, you are going to hear HOWLS from the Disneysphere about ticket pricing. “We’re not going to Disney every again.” “We’ll just go to Universal.” “How could they?”

PS. Universal went to dynamic pricing and raised ticket prices a couple of weeks ago. Why aren’t people howling about that? Huh?

It happens every time Disney changes something. Everyone howls about changes. It’s natural.


This time is DIFFERENT. Disney is actually, for the first time EVER, the first time EVER, did you hear that, the FIRST TIME EVER, going to lower ticket prices. They are actually going to LOWER ticket prices! That’s huge. It’s NEVER happened before. Let’s celebrate a bit…


This is a BIG, BIG deal.


So Dad, you said something about it not being a big deal.


Yeah, it’s not a big deal for the average Disney guest. Most of them will actually save a bit of money. That’s cool. But the average Disney guest won’t see a big change in their vacation.


In the big scheme of things, the new changes to Walt Disney World ticket prices won’t be a very big deal at all. They happen every year. There’s only 1 year in the last 40 or so that Disney tickets haven’t gone up. It’s just what happens. No big deal.


The Official Ticket Center logo

Save big on your Walt Disney World Tickets


Changes happen at Disney. that’s not a bad thing. If an organization doesn’t change and doesn’t grow, they stagnate and die. Sometimes changes are hard (Hollywood Studios) sometimes they are amazing (the New Fantasyland) but change is a good thing.


In the long run this change in Disney World ticket prices will be a Big, Big, deal, that’s not a big deal.


Trust me!


PS. There is still time to beat the price increase but you have to book today. What are you waiting for. Click the button below to get started.



disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



Comments for

Mar 01, 2016 sick of it
by: Anonymous we have season passes to all the parks in Orlando and Tampa. This year we will just have to let Disney expire with no renewal . Am so sick of this crap. Really disappointed .

Feb 28, 2016 I’m not surprised!
by: hmorgan13 People who get upset over the rise and say they’re not going anymore, GREAT! lol. Seriously, this isn’t a big deal. They go up almost every single year. It hasn’t stopped us from going and enjoying our time with family in the happiest.most magical place on earth. We go every other year. I also know that the prices go up in Feb just about every year, which is why I ALWAYS buy my ticket in advance of this. Our trip is in Aug and I bought our tickets in Jan. Any Disney nut would know to purchase their tickets early 😉
Great article and explanation Dad!

Feb 28, 2016 Calm it people
by: Amelia Wow, all these people complaining, saying they don’t like Disney anymore… Great! I hope this makes my visit less crowded 😉
Disney can’t win, people keep saying they need to control crowds, how else are they meant to do this without using a pricing strategy? Sure they could start turning people away at the gates, but then people would be even more upset and frustrated. We complain it’s to expensive, but every year they have more and more visitors, so what else can they do? They build us new attractions to disperse the crowds, we moan about construction. They give us 3 free fast passes a day (they don’t charge like universal) and we moan it’s not enough, then in the next breath we moan that fast queues slow down the standard queues.
Everybody just needs to chill and be happy 😊

Feb 27, 2016 Military Salute
by: Carl (Dad) Trent The current Military Salute promotion (link below)is valid for purchase until December so those prices should remain in tact. After that it’s anyone’s guess – the Military Salute is a special multi-day ticket promotion and I would expect that it will continue to be a special price in the future.

Feb 27, 2016 Armed Forces Salute
by: Damon Dad, will this affect the Armed Forces Salute tickets? Thanks, Damon

Feb 27, 2016 Details Coming Soon!
by: Carl (Dad) Trent I know this post may appear confusing – the truth is Disney hasn’t released the exact details so we don’t know what’s going up or down or by how much. Dad’s speculation is that with dynamic pricing some days will remain at the same price or with a slight increase, peak days will be higher and off season days may go lower. When I know, you’ll know all the details!But, if you buy your tickets today, you’l be granfathered in to the current rate when tickets go up. if they go down, you can call and get Disney to honor the new lower prices.

Unfortunately prices need to go up to help pay for all the new attractions coming – Pandora, Star Wars, and Toy Story Land. While it’s hard to wait, we’re investing in future attractions and much needed maintenance now.

I promise to do my best to help uncomplicate the new pricing when we know more.

Feb 27, 2016 Confusing post
by: Anonymous So are the ticket prices going up or down? This was an extremely confusing post! Should I get my disney tickets today or are they going down in Price?!?

Feb 27, 2016 Tix increase.
by: a45rpm33 I get the whole contradiction thing. I’ve been going to WDW since 1974 (Yes I still have unused ticket books), and change is constant. If you’re a occasional visitor the price seems to have risen quite a bit from a few years ago. My wife and I have gone every year since 2008 (last year was missed due to minor surgery) and have seen the rise in prices as a slow gradual increase. But by the same token, Disney is always expanding and adding new experiences. Ever since we took the “Keys To The Kingdom” tour in 2000, I have never questioned the yearly increases. With a well planned in advance visit you really can still get a big bang for your buck! After all, what price are dreams.

Feb 27, 2016 Why not raise tix prices higher???
by: Anonymous I have noticed that at a lot of sit down restaurants, the prices are now starting at $30 per person. This is totally outrageous. A family of three can eat for a hundred dollars! You go to Casey’s instead and wait 15 minutes and still no food and have to ask for your money back to leave the park and eat somewhere else. Parking is skyrocketing. You can only have three fast passes a day. Peter Pan’s arm was broken on top of the ship for I don’t know how long. Ellen is missing fighting with the snakelike creature so when she talks about it in the next scene I’m sure people are asking what??? Pirates has trash all throughout the queue line. They herd you onto the monorails like cattle. My once HAPPY PLACE is becoming miserable and not so fun anymore. I’m starting to like Sea World and Universal better. Pity, bc I’ve been a Disneygirl for 40 years. So sad what it’s become.

Feb 27, 2016 overpriced and overrated
by: Pete Disney is now way overpriced and overrated. The first couple of times the kids were there were magical for them,but the last visit was quite redundant and as usual expensive. Much larger world to expand upon besides Disney.

Feb 27, 2016 Huh?
by: Anonymous So you totally contradict yourself in this post. You say most people will experience a price decrease, yet at the end you say get your tickets today before the increase tomorrow….so which is it? My guess is Disney is not going to be dropping prices. In addition, it is one thing that Universal is raising prices considering they are adding rides like we are playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. Its another that Disney hasn’t opened much new in a decade. The last was Mine Train, but before that is was about 10 years when we got Toy Story Mania. Hollywood Studios is about half closed. EPCOT is deserted. The only two parks that are currently offering much is Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom has gotten so complacent.

Feb 27, 2016 How much
by: Mike Did I miss how much lower the ticket prices would be 

Feb 27, 2016 dynamic pricing?
by: susan lawless Dynamic pricing is just so complicated! It will make it harder to plan a vacation, when you want to figure out just how much it will cost. It might be great for Disney, but I think not so much for us.
I took your advice and booked my trip last week to avoid the price increase. Be interesting to see what happens.

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