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Birthday Dinner at Walt Disney World

by Crissy

We will be at WDW 9/29-10/6. My daughter turns 5 on 10/3. Looking for a great place to have a birthday dinner at Disney World. Do you know which places offer b-day cakes or something special for a b-day??? Thank you.

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What a great time for a Disney World vacation. A 5th birthday. It will be something special.

Disney knows how to celebrate. (Especially when they can charge for it.) They actually have a hotline set up where you can call and order a birthday cake to be delivered to any restaurant or resort. That phone number is (407) 827-2253.

Most of the sit down restaurants will do something special for anyone having a birthday. Just make sure you have a note on the reservation. (You might want to call this one in and tell the reservation agent about the birthday and see what they suggest.)

All that said, I’d pick a sit down restaurant that’s her favorite, or one that she will love, make a reservation and inform them it’s her birthday. If you want a big cake call the number above. (Cakes start at around $25.00.)

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When you get to your hotel, make sure to tell them it’s your daughters birthday. They’ll give you a button for her to wear. Make sure she wears it. It will get her all kinds of attention.

Disney knows how to celebrate birthdays.

Comments for Birthday Dinner at Walt Disney World

May 15, 2010

You’re welcome

by: Dad


You’re welcome. I hope your daughters day is a magical experience you’ll remember forever.

Be sure to take pictures and come back and share them with Dear ‘Ole Dad.

May 14, 2010

5th B-day @ Disney

by: Crissy

Thanks for your response. I didn’t know I could order a b-day cake. That would make her day even more special! I’ve asked her where she wants to have her b-day dinner and she said……..THE CASTLE! I can’t wait! Thanks again for your help!

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