Booking Disney Vacation online

Booking Disney Vacation online

by Nikki

Hi Dad,

Our family is planning a Disney Vacation for January 2012. Currently the Walt Disney World website is only booking through December 31, 2011. Do you know when we will be able to book for January?


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My short answer would be no, I don't know when you'll be able to book a Disney vacation online for 2012. Disney loves keeping us in suspense.

My longer, more helpful answer would be ...

DON'T DO IT. Don't book your Disney vacation at Disney's website especially if this is your first trip (or your hundredth for that matter).

Why not? Neither Disney's website or Disney's online booking system are set up to help you get the most out of your Disney vacation. Sure if you are a very seasoned Disney World veteran that scours all the Disney information sites, you might find all of the tricks and all of the savings, and all of the special deals available, but that's a lot of work.

Why not, take the worry out and let a really dedicated Disney World Travel Agent do it. We try to make sure that you get the best experience available. We'll help you with booking questions, we'll make suggestions that might save you some money, we'll even hold your hand through the planning process, hey, I'll even throw in a subscription to

There are a few really good Disney World only Travel Agents out there that really know what they are doing. Try one out.

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Dad's Bottom Line


Disney usually release prices for the next year sometime in August or early September. Send me the details, and I'll add you to the stack.

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Jul 26, 2011
Sister's already booked - what now?
by: Karen

Hi there

My sister has already booked her trip to disney and I have now decided that I want to join her. Through her travel agent - they are telling me that it would cost me $2,600. Is that right? This would include my flight, park hopper tickets and meal plan. I think I would have to get my own room since their trip is booked and it only has two beds.

Are you able to help?

Dad Answers

Karen, it's hard to say if $2,600 is a good number or not. The best thing to do is go to Dad's Pixie and Pirate Destinations page and fill out the form. Amanda and her gang will look at your trip and give you the best price available.

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