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Booking my WDW Vacation too early?

by Becky
(Charleston, SC )

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Do you know, if you make your reservations and then Disney has a special offer can you call and get the special offer on your existing reservation? I’m scared to book to early and miss out on a deal, but scared to wait and miss out on the room I want…help!

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Dad’s you sure can but… Answer

Becky, that’s a really good question. I’m sure people ask that all the time.

Disney will change your reservation right up to just a few days before you travel. So yes, if you book now and then a discount comes out later, you can call Disney back and get the discount applied to your reservation.

BUT… You will have to call. You will have to keep track of the discounts. You will have to check all the different options on the discounts to see which one will save you money. And, if you miss an announcement for a few days, you might not be able to get the same accommodations. Discounts sell out quickly for some weeks.

This is why I HIGHLY recommend using a GOOD Disney Travel Agent. A GOOD Disney Travel Agent will monitor the Disney discounts and if one will apply to your reservation they will automatically get you a discount.

Using a GOOD Disney Travel Agent will ease your mind. You won’t have to worry about missing out. They will be sure you are taken care of.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

My favorite GOOD Disney Travel Agent is Destinations to Travel. They do an outstanding job. They monitor every reservation and when a discount comes out they are talking to Disney to save their clients the most money possible.


Destinations to Travel LLC.
I got an email this week from a reader that had booked with Destinations to Travel several months ago for a trip this summer. On Monday when the Summer WDW discounts came out Destinations to Travel changed the reservation and saved the reader $1,400. She was thrilled!

They truly are the best Disney Travel Agent I’ve ever seen.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Becky, you can book anytime and still get a discount applied. Disney does it all the time. They will even refund you any overpayment. We’ve had that happen several times.

Be sure to let Destinations to Travel give you a hand with your trip. They will take great care of you.

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