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Booking Tickets for Child Resident of Florida

by Pamela Palmer
(Clarkston, Michigan USA)

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“I live in Michigan and my 9 year old grandson lives in Ovieda, Florida. How can I get a residence discount ticket for him as I will be taking him to Disney World?

Can I buy these tickets online? What kind of I.D. would I be able to show that he lives there? He is home schooled, so there is no student identification card available.

Also, which is a better day Friday 2/22/2019 or Saturday 2/23/2019? Thank-you!

Kind regards,
Pamela Palmer”

Probably Not Going to Work


You are probably not going to be able to buy a Florida Resident ticket for your grandson. To get a ticket for a minor there has to be an adult Florida Resident purchasing the ticket. So, you would have to have the parents buy the ticket.

Then there is a problem with using it. There is also a requirement that an adult Florida Resident must be present and show proof or residency when the ticket is activated.

I would suggest you get in touch with our partners at The Official Ticket Center and talk to them. They can tell you for sure what you can do. Plus you will save money when buying tickets through them.

Dad’s The Official Ticket Center page

Friday or Saturday

As to which day would be better, typically Friday would be better than Saturday. It will depend on the weather and the park you are in.

At that time of year, late February, it won’t make a lot of difference. I’d expect moderate crowds at all the parks on those days.

Dad’s February Disney World Crowds page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I’m sorry Pamela, but unless you are going to take the parents too, I don’t see any way for this to work. Get in touch with The Official Ticket Center. You’ll probably save as much money through them as you would on the Florida Resident Ticket.


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