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Walt Disney World here we come!

Do you want to go to Walt Disney World?


You've come to the right place.


We know that you want to give your family the vacation of a lifetime. Right? Who wouldn't. The problem is life gets in the way. Jobs, money, time, school, the list goes on and on, all make it hard to plan that PERFECT family get away.

You DESERVE Memories

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


Here at Dad's Guide to WDW, we believe that you DESERVE a vacation that will create memories that will last forever. We are here to help you overcome the stress, the pressure, the confusion, and to guide to to a celebration that you will talk about for years to come.

What to do next?

Are you ready to get started? Silly question. Of course you are, why else are you here. OK, here are Dad's 7 Simple steps to making YOUR PLAN for a WDW vacation.


Step 1 - Choose the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World





Step 2 - Pick the PERFECT place to Sleep

Step 3 - Time to Eat



Step 4 - The Parks and Stuff

Step 5 - Everything Else You Need to know

Step 6 - Book Now

Step 7 - Have some Fun


My Pledge to You


A Perfect Walt Disney World vacation starts on Main Street USA with a look at Cinderella Castle

The Perfect Vacation Starts Here - Photo by Laurie Sapp


My pledge to you is that I will do my best to:

  • Bring you honest and accurate information about Walt Disney World
  • Share with you ways to make your Disney Dreams Come True
  • Introduce you to a supportive and caring community of fellow Disney lovers

My team and I are committed to these principals.

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I think you'll find it to be a place where you can relax, ask questions, feel save and supported. Oh, and be around a bunch of great people that love Disney!

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Dad's Bottom Line

I really look forward to seeing you in our community and helping you to have a Walt Disney World vacation that's filled with happiness and smiles. I hope you'll send pictures.