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Brazilian Tour Groups in the Parks


by Tiffany J. L. Alfonso
(Dover, FL)

Hello, Dad,


I have a few questions which regard to factors affecting WDW crowds. Have you noticed the turismos during your trips previous and past? If your not aware, they are the Brazilian tour groups in the parks who wear identical shirts, backpacks, fanny packs, or a combination, and they are shepherded with those tour guides with flags.


Many blogs and forums (by my experience) have dubbed them as “Brazilian tour groups,” but I called those uniform or quasi-uniform groups of 15-year-olds as turismos because most of them hail from Argentina, Chile, or wherever Spanish or Portuguese is spoken. Can you help readers be aware of them by determining when they generally travel to WDW and giving them tips on how to survive a trip with them? Thanks!

Dad’s Annoyed Answer




Thanks for the reminder. Yes, Dad has com across the Brazilian tour groups in the parks on several trips. In fact it has happened so many times we developed our own tour group and flag.


The year we took the whole group, (Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, dogs) fifteen in all, we saw some of these groups and stated imitating them.

Follow that Tigger


It was really cool and effective. I have noticed that lots of family groups will wear color coordinated clothing. It does make it easier to find each other.

What to do

So, what do you do if you run into one of these annoying groups? (Yes, they are annoying. They are unruly teenagers that usually aren’t too well behaved. The cut lines, they are rude, and there mothers dress them funny. Sorry, just had to throw that last one in.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Try skipping ahead a couple of rides on your plan. Get ahead of them. If that doesn’t work, sit down and have a drink and let them get ahead of you. Or, just learn Portuguese real quick and join in the festivities. Just don’t go onto Stitch with one of these groups.

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Comments for

Feb 14, 2018 Welcome to America, now speak English
by: Paula Henderson At no point and time were the other citizens in Magic Kingdom treated respectfully or with any regard because these idiot groups of girls with clueless tour guides thought they were the only ones in the park. They couldn’t/wouldn’t speak English because of course it wasn’t convenient for their cause. If I ever saw one of the children I have in my family treat someone with disrespect that person’s whole future would be radically changed for the worse. Even when the tour guide was approached and asked to get them under control the other citizens were ignored. So it makes you wonder how else they are getting paid for their tour expertise by these girls.

Feb 06, 2015 Braziilian tour groups
by: Anonymous Rude, dangerous and a perfect example of poor parenting.
Sadly nothing you can do other than avoid them. When confronted they speak no English however call them out on their behavior and suddenly english they speak.
Gangsters have no boundaries, how pathetic for their future which at best is so very limited.

Jan 22, 2015 my Grandchild was hit by Selfie Stick
by: Pup Just visited Disney World Resorts. Brazilian Lady hit my grandson with a selfie stick. Just walked away. Left a red mark on his arm. Disney just said sorry and moved on. I feel like more should have been done as these sticks should not be allowed in parks. What are your thoughts. By the way, grandson is only 6 years old.

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