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Brazilian Tour Groups in the summer at Disney World


by Doris
(Granby CT)


Is it possible to fine out when the Brazilian tour groups will be at Walt Disney World in the summer of 2013?



A tour group on Main Street

Not all tour groups are Brazilian

Dad’s Crowded Answer




I know how annoying those big tour groups can be – and at Walt Disney World, sometimes they seem to be around every corner. Tour groups are a fact of life at the most magical place on earth, and unfortunately there is no real way to plan your vacation around when they might show up. If you happen to have a tour-group-free vacation, it’s nothing more than the luck of the draw.


All the time is fair game for tour groups – Brazilian or otherwise – to visit Walt Disney World, and crowds are larger in the summer than most times of the year. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever had a trip without encountering at least one large, rowdy group. And if the rumored new Brazil pavilion comes to EPCOT’s World Showcase, you can expect the crowds from that country to grow exponentially.


Now let’s be fair. Not all tour groups at Disney come from Brazil. Walt Disney World is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, drawing crowds from Australia, Japan, India, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Canada, and more! The Pop Warner Football Championships and Cheerleading Competition is as American as it gets, and trust me – there are some seriously rowdy groups in the parks at that time.


Are they annoying? Sure. Do they take up whole sections of prime parade viewing locations and order 50 hotdogs at a time forcing you to wait for half an hour to get served at Casey’s Corner? Yep. Do they cause a ruckus in resort pools and hallways? You bet. But just like crowds, tour groups are necessary and believe it or not, there are things you can do to take control of the crowds!


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Tour groups pose special problems to other travelers at Walt Disney World. They can get rambunctious with mob mentality, frequently leave children and teens unsupervised, and create horrible bottlenecks in attraction queues. But lucky for us, they’re usually easy to spot! Large crowds tend to wear matching t-shirts or hats, and hang out in easy to spot clusters.


If you see a tour group, be smart and flexible with your PLAN. Skip an attraction or two and visit them later, so you can get ahead of the crowds. Or, take a break to grab a box of popcorn or a Dole Whip, and let them get ahead of you. At your hotel, check out a different pool or ask for a different room if they prove too loud to let the kids get to sleep on time. Whatever you do, don’t let a tour group ruin your Perfect Vacation.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Doris, don’t worry about the Brazilian tour groups. You’ll be able to spot them a mile away and you can adjust your PLAN accordingly. You can’t plan your vacation dates around who will or won’t be there, tour groups are just a part of life at WDW.


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Comments for

May 27, 2019 Change the fast pass back
by: Rosalie, New York Tour groups aren’t such a problem it’s the new fast pass that is the problem. This is such an unfair fast pass method. The tour groups hog all the fast pass times because they book all the times months in advance. I liked the old pull your number method and track numbers by the app. You should have to be in the park to be able to use fast pass. It made our trip a chore not an adventure.

Jul 19, 2015 RUDE Tour groups
by: Anonymous So what you are telling us United States citizens is sit in the back of the bus. Go to the back of the line. Be nice and let these rude jerks take over… Well that is crap! Tonight Walmart was taken over by Portuguese!! Just as rude and annoying as the Brazilians. Sounds like WDW needs security with a backbone! These kids run rampid and unsupervised. Seems like there needs to be rules and regulations for these groups to follow and if not followed they should be asked to leave. NORMAL US citizens will not go to WDW when these groups are here, so i guess WDW would rather have thrsr than US citizens. WHAT A SHAME!

Apr 04, 2014 But you love their money!!!!
by: Anonymous And don’t forget to thank the Brazilians for keeping the Florida economy alive, including snapping up half of the available real estate in Orlando and Miami over the past few years. Oh…and remember, American tourists have a pretty bad rep in the rest of the world, including in Brazil. Just sayin’ y’all.

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