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Breakfast character dining vs Extra Magic Hours

by Elise

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“Dad, I’ve been doing a lot of research today, and discussing options with my kids. We have the dining plan, and are at a deluxe resort, so we have extra Magic Hours. We’re really torn about what to do in the mornings.

My kids love a breakfast buffet, and would love to do one of the character rooms at Crystal Palace. Is it right that the restaurants open at the same time as the Extra Magic Hours would start? I feel like I would be wasting precious Extra Magic Hour time is we had a breakfast buffet. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading.”

The Tower of Terror is a good choice during Extra Magic Hours

Skip the Tower of Terror to eat breakfast? – Photo by Rich Ramos

Elise, congratulations, YOU’RE GONIG TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! It’s going to be such fun. I like that you are worried about using extra Magic Hours time for breakfast. That is probably not a good use of Extra Magic Hour time.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

Now, let’s think about this. Do you have to eat breakfast first thing when you get in the park? No. Just because the restaurant opens at Extra Magic Hour time, doesn’t mean that when you have to go. Go do the Extra Magic Hour things, then come back later and eat breakfast. I know Stephanie, my assistant, she has a breakfast scheduled at Ohana, the Lilo and Stitch breakfast at Ohana. She has it scheduled at 11:30. 11:30!

I looked at her when we were talking about it yesterday, I turned to her and said, “11:30? They really serve breakfast at 11:30?” She said, “yep”. So you don’t have to do it during the Extra Magic Hour time, you’re right, that time is golden. It is a great time for touring. Don’t schedule breakfast during that time. Wait until later. If you have to get a little breakfast to hold the kids over until whatever time you schedule it, that’s fine.

I know Mrs. Mom and I had a breakfast planned. We did the Tusker House breakfast with Donald and Daisy and Mickey, for our Rivers of Light dining package, and it was on an Extra Magic Hour day. So we went, we rode a couple of rides, then we went and ate breakfast. We did get a couple of snacks, a little snack before we went just to kind of hold us over, but yeah. Don’t schedule a breakfast during Extra Magic Hour time. Schedule it for later or schedule it for a different day when it’s not Extra Magic Hours.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s the bottom line, Extra Magic Hours are golden time for touring. Don’t be eating meals during that time.


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