Building on Main street U.S.A.

Building on Main street U.S.A.


There is a building on Main Street U.S.A. which has a unique entrance. it has a front gate that looks like the front door. Can you tell me the name of the house.

thank you
John Griffin

The Main Street Fire House

Main Street USA Fire House
Photo by Brian Hubbard

Dad's so much more than just a door Answer

John, what a doozie! Dad has searched high and low, left and right, back and forth for the answer to your question! I've been through hundreds, maybe even thousands of pictures and videos of the Magic Kingdom on line - plus the family photo albums - just searching for a glimpse of this magnificent door! (It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.) After a long hard search, I think I've found the door you're looking for on Main Street U.S.A. at the Fire House.

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The Main Street Fire House is located at the far side of Town Square in Main Street U.S.A., to the back left side of the square (if you're facing Cinderella Castle) between City Hall and the Emporium. It houses Engine Co. 71 Firehouse Gift Station, where you can purchase all sorts of fireman gifts, clothing, and trinkets. It's also got some wonderful details like antique fire station equipment on display.

If you or someone you know is a old time firehouse enthusiast, you can extend the magic beyond the gift shop. That's right, you can take a replica of a late 19th century / early 20th century fire engine on a trip up and down Main Street U.S.A. - complete with an authentic putting motor sound. Just look for the stop around Town Square indicating it's the departure point for the fire engine, one of five Main Street Vehicles.

Special horses of Belgian or Percheron breed pulls some of the Main Street Vehicles. The Florida heat is tough on everyone, and the horses are no exception, so every afternoon they get sprayed down at the Main Street Firehouse to stay cool.

The Main Street Firehouse has one more unique quality that makes it a special destination - it's located next to a gate simply called "Car Barn." Any mouseketeer worth his ears knows that this is the starting or ending point for the Magic Kingdom's Main Street Electrical Parade, and the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade . Snag a spot next to the firehouse for a great view!

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Dad's Bottom Line

John, next time you find yourself in the Magic Kingdom, take a trip inside and experience the Main Street Fire House - it's so much more than just a lovely door (or gate).

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