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Bus services at the Beach Club

by Cindy

We’re staying at the Beach Club Resort in early May. What is the order of bus pickup? Is the Beach Club picked up first and dropped off last? How many other hotels are picked up?

I’ve read several reviews saying it varies depending on the season, but we’re hoping to only share the bus with 1 or 2 other hotels at the most. This is our 4th year in a row to Disney, but the first time at the Beach Club.

We’ve stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Wilderness Lodge, but wanted a change this year. The kids hope our transportation options are better, not worse.

Dad’s ahhh?? Answer


The Beach Club shares buses with all of the Boardwalk Area Hotels including the Swan and Dolphin. (At least that was my experience.) Sometimes (like getting to the water parks) you might even have to go to Downtown Disney first.

You’re probably tired of hearing me say it, but this is exactly why I like to have a car at Disney World.

Yes, you can get to EPCOT and Disney Hollywood Studios easily. It’s a nice walk or an even nicer boat ride.

Dad’s Bottom Line

I’m sure if Uncle Walt was still alive (at 101) he’d have some kind of fancy transportation connecting all these fancy hotels to the parks. Uncle Walt was a transportation genius. But until the money grubbing suits in Anaheim part with some of their precious billions and lay a whole bunch more monorail track or something, getting around Disney World will be a challenge. (Unless you have your own car.)

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