Bus to ESPN The Weekend

Bus to ESPN The Weekend

by Matt McCarty
(Tupelo, MS)


I want to take my boys to see "Mike and Mike in the Morning" at the Sports Complex. The show starts at 6am and we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. It seems the best option is to take a bus to Downtown Disney or a Theme Park/ then bus to an All Star resort/ then bus to Sports Complex. I can't seem to find when the bus transportation time starts. Any other options besides a bus to ESPN the Weekend?



Dad's get me a cup of coffee Answer


Yawn. 6 o'clock in the blessed AM. Are you nuts?

Sure you are. You're at Disney World. We all get a little nuts when the kids get involved, don't we?

You have a little problem. The buses don't run that early. They start an hour or so before the parks open. Even if you could find a bus that early, your ride would get a little convoluted.

To get from the Wilderness Lodge to the Wide World of Sports, you have to take a bus to one of the theme parks (or a launch to the Magic Kingdom) then get on a bus to one of the Value Resorts or the Port Orleans or Caribbean Beach Resort then get on a bus to the Wide World of Sports. That's nuts. Three buses before 6? Are you kidding? (I'm not saying your nuts, I'm saying the Disney Transportation system is nuts.)

Dad's Bottom Line

To get, by bus, to ESPN the Weekend you'd probably have to start at 4:30. (This is one of the reasons Dad always wants a car at Disney World.) Your best bet, even during the day, would be to get a taxi or to drive yourself. The only other option is to find a pixie and sprinkle a little pixie dust on you and fly over there.

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