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Buy Disney Tickets online or at Disney World?

by Joe

Is there a price difference when you buy Disney World Tickets online vs at Disney World?


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Dad’s Dad saves you money Answer


The answer to your question is yes, no or maybe. I know that sounds crazy but let me explain. If you buy tickets today online and then go and get them at Walt Disney World the same day the price will be exactly the same. This is true for most of the year.

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If, however, Disney has a price increase, like the sneaky one they through in in June, 2 months earlier than they have for the last few years, then you might pay more if you buy at home prior to the price increase and at the park after the price increase.


Apples to Apples Disney prices are always the same.


Now, how Dad is going to save you some money. There are some places online where you can buy discount tickets to Walt Disney World. No, I’m not talking about one of the shady, fly by night companies that will rip you off. I’m talking about the Disney approved resalers of tickets. These companies buy Disney tickets in bulk and resell them.


There are several but Dad’s favorite is the Official Ticket Center. They are the original Disney AUTHORIZED ticket reseller. They’ve been doing it for almost 20 years.

Get your tickets at the Official Ticket Center

Buying Disney World tickets online will save you up to about $20.00 per person. That adds up when you have a big family.


Or, you could put the whole package together. That’s usually the best way to save money on your Disney Tickets. If your staying in a Disney Resort you might even end up with free dining. Go over to Dad’s Destinations to Travel page and get a quote on your next vacation.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Joe, you can buy your Disney World tickets through the Disney website or at the ticket window and they should cost the same. If you get them from a ticket broker, make sure they are approved by Disney. There are lots of scams out there!

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Comments for

Mar 15, 2019 buying tickets online for DAS
by: avital Hi,
I have a disability and need to purchase a DAS ticket to Disney Paris. Can I do so online ahead of time, or only at the park itself? will there be a price difference buying online 3 months in advance, or at the park in June?
thank you.

Dad Answers

The Disability Access Service (DAS) is not something you buy, it’s a free service for those with special needs. You will have to set it up at the parks.

Jan 10, 2019 ETicket vs Print Ticket vs Mailed Ticket
by: Michelle We would like to pre-buy our tickets. It’s just a one day so no discounts. But I have to buy 16 tickets. What’s the best form; ETickets, print at home, or pay the extra $ and have them mailed?We are going to Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios.
Thank you

Dad Answers

The only real difference in etickets vs. mailed tickets is with the mailed tickets you get the plastic ticket and won’t have to stop at a ticket booth to exchange a voucher for the plastic ticket.

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