Can a non-Disney hotel guest rent a bike?

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“Hi Dad!

I’m a local (kinda). I live in Florida and actually have an annual pass to Disney. I live a two hours away and my Husband and I are planning to go to Disney for his birthday. I wanted to do something different and rent a bike and go on one of the trails at one of the resorts. We’re not planning on spending the night because we both work the day after his birthday. Would it be a problem because we are not hotel guests?”

A nighttime entertainer riding a unicycle and juggling on the Boardwalk

The entertainment on the Boardwalk is pretty cool – Photo by Wayne Wood

That sounds so cool. There sometimes I just wish I lived in Florida so I could just hop over, go watch the fireworks on the beach, go sit on the boardwalk, whatever. But I live in Oklahoma and I’m gonna stay in Oklahoma. So probably not gonna happen.

But that’s not important right now. Let’s talk about going to the resorts and renting bikes and riding the trails. The answer is absolutely.

Disney loves people to come and spend money at Walt Disney World. So if you want to rent a bike, you want to rent a SeaRaycer (those little boats on the lakes), you want to have a nice meal, the resorts are just glad to have you there. Absolutely go to the hotels and have a nice birthday.

My suggestion would be you’d go to the Boardwalk Inn. It would be perfect for a birthday evening. Evenings at the Boardwalk are great. They have bicycles that you can rent and ride around. They have entertainment that goes on in the evenings all up and down the Boardwalk. They’ve even got a bunch of interesting restaurants.

Dad’s Boardwalk Inn page

The Boardwalk is just a really nice place to be in the evenings. You can go walk around and see the Beach Club Resort, the Yacht Club, the Swan and Dolphin… They are all on the Boardwalk.

There’s just a lot to do around the Boardwalk, so that’s where I would suggest and there’s a lot of other places you could go. You could head over to Fort Wilderness and maybe go to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. That’d be a great way to have an evening. Go to the early show. You’d be through by 8:00-ish or, well, 7:30-ish and you’d get home by 10:00 o’clock.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Those are just a couple ideas. The bottom line is absolutely you can rent a bike at a Disney hotel even if you’re not a guest. You can’t swim. Swimming is for resort guests only. But you can do pretty much any of the other entertainment options at the resorts.


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