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Can Annual Passholders Enter During MNSSHP?

by Viola

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Friends of mine are going to Mickeys Halloween Party. They have tickets to the party only and I have annual passes. I’m not going to the party but we thought we could all go in at 4:00 (the earliest they let party people in) and I hang with them until the party starts at 7:00. Will this work? Can I get in at 4:00?


Dad’s Festive Answer

Viola, thanks for writing in – great question! Dad’s got a “not-so-scary” answer that you’re going to like!

At Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, only guests with a hard ticket are allowed to stay in the parks after 7pm, and as you mentioned, these party guests can begin to enter at 4pm in order to be inside when the party actually starts – this really helps a to create a smoother flow of entry. It’s a great bonus to be able to have 8 hours in the park instead of 5!

What does it mean for regular guests who aren’t staying for the party? Well, Annual Passholders and Magic Your Way ticketholders can enter and leave the park as they please, all day long – until 7pm. At that time, everyone without a party ticket will be ushered out of the parks (nicely) by Disney Cast Members.


Let the fall festivities begin! – Photo by Judd Helms

So you can feel free to enter the park with your friends at 4, enjoy 3 great hours together, and then at 7pm they’ll stay for the party and you can head off to another park, or anywhere else you like. Dad’s tip: head to the Polynesian to watch HalloWishes from the beach – you’ll still get some of that Halloween fun!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Viola, head to the Magic Kingdom with your friends and have a great early evening in the park!

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Sep 01, 2016 Stay but not ride?
by: Brenda

My friend (who has been to Disney even more than me) tells me that if you’re already in the MK when the MNSSHP starts, people aren’t escorted out but cannot go on rides without the MNSSHP ticket. Sort of makes sense to me – they can’t exactly empty the park at 7pm. She says her family likes to stay just to see the characters, particularly the villains and witches, who aren’t normally out walking around.

We were actually in the MK 2 years ago when the party was starting and don’t recall folks being “ushered out”. We were happy to leave that day because we’d been fighting the rain since the park opened that morning.

Oct 16, 2015 Perfect!
by: Viola

Wow! Thanks for the fast and detailed response!! Great tip about going to the beach at Polynesian.

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