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Can I add a day to my tickets?

by Chris Adamson
(Zebulon,North Carolina)

I have a 5 day hopper but I have and extra vacation day. I was wondering at the end of my five days can put and extra day back on at the gate? If so, What’s the cost? I went back in 2011 with a 3 day and they refilled my 3 days for $30 bucks.

Disney World Tickets

Add a day to these, easy! – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s you’re not going to believe this Answer


When it comes to adding days to tickets, Disney makes it easy and painless. All you’ll have to do is go to Guest Services or to the Concierge desk at your Disney Hotel and they’ll add your extra day to your Magic Band or Key to the World right there.

Dads’s Disney World Tickets page

This applies to any of the ticket options. You can add days, park hopping, water park fun and more or even upgrade to Annual Pass.

What will it cost? The option will cost whatever the going price for the option is. For example if you add a day, it costs the price of an extra day which is currently $10 per ticket.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Like I said, Disney makes it very easy to add to your tickets. You won’t have a problem.

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Aug 24, 2019 exchanging passes
by: Anonymous

So I plan on buying the 6 day park pass but I don’t need the hopper option. I’m also not interested in going to two water parks. Can I exchange one of the water park passes for a specific theme park pass?

Dad Answers

No, that’s not an option. The water park tickets can not be used at the theme parks.

Aug 21, 2019 price question
by: Anonymous

Just so I understand….right now we have 4 day tickets. we are arriving to our resort on a Sunday, and weren’t planning on going to the park that day. but now we are flying and getting in town early so we might.

So can we just start using our tickets that day, then add a day later in the week, and it will alter the price of the whole multi-day ticket?

in other words, as of now it’s roughly $108 per day for a 4 day and 90 per day for a 5 day. so when we add a day after we have used the ticket for the first time, do we pay 90 for an extra day? Or do we pay 18 because 4 x 108 – 5 x 90 = 18?

Dad Answers

You will only pay the difference between a 4 and a 5 day ticket which is around $10 to $15 per person.

Jul 23, 2019 What if we have a vacation package that starts on a Saturday, but we want to add days in advance of our actual “vacation” start date?
by: Anonymous

Basically, we have a Sunday-Sunday trip at a Deluxe resort using the free dining in December. We’ll be arriving into town on Friday (Planning on just getting a hotel nearby). Can we add a day *in front* of our actual vacation package start date for that Saturday? I know we won’t have/get dining plan for that period.

Dad Answers

You can not activate your tickets until the day you check into your hotel. So, no you would not be able to stay offsite and add an extra day to your “package” tickets before your check-in date.

You would have to purchase one day tickets for that extra day.

Jun 28, 2019 Extra Day
by: Anonymous

If you go to Disney and want to add an extra day to your tickets, do you have to do this in the park before you start your last day, or can you do it during your last day/before the end of your last day? In essence, the question is, does it matter if you extend your tickets on the last day your tickets are for?

Dad Answers

You have to do it before your last day is activated. If you go to the ticket window on the last day but before you use your ticket it’s fine. Once the ticket is used on the last day it can’t be added too.

Apr 04, 2018 Canadian discount-add days
by: Jake

Thanks for looking into this for us Dad. I just want to clarify, will it be the $10 a day after we use our first day still, or will we lose our discount even if we try and add on after the first day? I’ve found a couple other forums where it looks like we’d have to pay the full difference even after using the first day.

Thanks again,


Dad Answers


You have to pay the difference even if you’ve activated the ticket. Sorry.

Apr 01, 2018 Adding days to a discounted ticket
by: Sarah

Thanks Dad, for your reply to my comment. When I called in to Disney they told me the same as Jake, that we would have to pay the difference in cost. Can you explain why if you would use one day and then upgrade to add more days, would it only cost 10? I’m just wondering bc it will help us when we deal with the cast member who helps us. Thanks for your help!

Dad Answers

Sarah, after consultation with Patrick from The Official Ticket Center and some “chats” with Disney the final answer is, you will have to pay the difference. That really doesn’t make any sense, but it’s what Disney is saying. Sorry.

Mar 31, 2018 Canadian discount upgrade
by: Jake

I just read your reply to Sarah the other day about adding days to Canadian discounted tickets. I purchased 6 day MYW 20% off tickets last month. I recently realized we will need a couple extra days. I called an after hours ticket CM yesterday to try and add 2 days. She said we would lose our discounted rate and have to pay the difference between the price of our discounted 6 day to the full price 8 day, being about $130 extra each person instead of $10 a day. I’m going to wait until after the Easter holiday to call back during regular hours, but wanted to see what your take on this is….so I don’t have to panic all weekend haha. Thanks.

Dad Answers

Mmmm… OK, let’s see if I can clear things up. I think the CM is correct because you are trying to upgrade the tickets in advance. The discount is no longer available and essentially you are, buying new tickets, so you will have to pay the difference.

If you go to Walt Disney World, use one day of the ticket then upgrade, you’ll only be charged the upgrade price ($10 per day). PS. I did see one thread that talked about having to pay the whole difference, but it didn’t specify if it was before the ticket was used or after.

Update to Dad’s answers

After several “consultations” with Disney the Cast Members are correct. You will have to pay the difference in price. Sorry!

Mar 26, 2018 adding days
by: Sarah

Hi Dad, we bought 7 day Tickets at 25% off last year, a Canadian residents deal. We’re going to WDW!!! in August for the first time.

I can’t figure out what it will cost to add an 8th day, because we paid 277 each (US $), which is much less than the going rate now. It looks like it’s 415 $ now. The price to go from a 7th to an 8th day currently is about 7 dollars. Will we just pay that 7 dollars to add an 8th?

And do I just go to a ticket window, or can I call to add before our trip? I hope you can help me. Thanks, and we really enjoy learning about WDW from you! 🙂

Dad Answers

Sarah, congratulations. This is going to be Fun.

Adding a day to a ticket is really easy. You can do it before you go or when you arrive at Disney. You can do it right up to before you use the last day on the tickets.

As to the price, you pay what an extra day would cost which currently us $10 USD.


Jun 21, 2017 Adding days to a ticket
by: Bob K

is it still true that you can only add days in person, not remotely? Our trip is in August, and I have 6 day Magic Your Way Park Hoppers I would like to add a 7th day to before we arrive.

Dad Answers

I think it depends on how you bought the tickets. If you bought the tickets through a package you can easily add or subtract days by calling Disney or your travel agent.

If you purchased tickets separate from a package you will have to upgrade them onsite at a ticket window or concierge desk at a hotel.

Mar 10, 2017 Adding to Military Salute Pass
by: Anonymous

We have military salute passes for 5 days, but may want to extend our stay. Is it still possible and only $10 to add days to the pass?

Think I just answered that, but, no it will be more than $10. That’s old information. It will be the difference between the price of the extra day and the price you paid. I can’t find anything that says you can upgrade the Military Salute Pass. You’ll just have to check with the ticket office.

Mar 06, 2017 Is this information still up to date?
by: Anonymous

So my best friend bought 5 day military salute park hoppers with her military discount but my family and I are planning to be in Orlando a couple of extra days. Can we extend our ticket days? And is it still only $10 a day if we do?

Dad’s Answer

No, that’s a few years old. I’m not sure the Military Salute ticket can be upgraded. I can’t find the answer to that one, but what you would pay is the difference it would cost to upgrade for a day.

Oct 30, 2016 Adding a day seperate from other guests
by: Anonymous

I know this is older but had a question to add to it! I am going with friends and we booked the free dining package for Dec 11-17 with 6 day park hoppers. The rest of my party is leaving Saturday/Sunday morning but my flight is not until late Sunday night. I’m planning on getting a one night stay somewhere but won’t have anything to do all day Sunday. Would they let me extend just my ticket an extra day even though we are all on the same package? Or would everyone have to do it?

Dad’s Answer

You can extend your tickets with no problem. Tickets are all separate.

PS. That’s when Dad will be there for the WDW Magazine Christmas Party. Find out more.

Apr 12, 2016 Adding days
by: Anonymous

I have a 2 day ticket can I add an extra day or is there a set amount of days you need to purchase to get the extra day for $10

Dad Answers

You will pay the difference between the number of days you have and the next day. I do think it’s higher from 2 to 3 but you pay the amount it would cost.

Feb 16, 2016 Adding days, tix bought from Travel agent
by: Crystal

I want to buy my tickets from the Travel agent on the military base (they are slightly discounted). If I decide to add a day, the same will apply that we would only have to pay the difference?

Dad Answers

Crystal, this one may seem easy, but it’s a little tricky. If your ticket is the Disney Armed Forces Salute Ticket it is limited to 4 days in the theme parks. You can add the Water Park and more option to extend your stay, but you can’t add any more parks days.

If your ticket is a standard Magic Your Way Ticket, you can add days at any time up to the last day of your stay. (Be sure to add the days before you enter the park on the last day.) It doesn’t matter where they are purchased.

Jan 01, 2015 Adding a day to military salute tickets
by: Priscilla


I saw that these comments were from 2013 so I am just trying to verify if this info is still correct? I am headed to disney in a week and I have military salute 4 day park hoppers so when I get to my resort I can add an extra day for $10? If the price has changed do you know how much it is? thank you!

Dad Answers

That is correct for the Magic Your Way Tickets, you can extend for $10 per day. I don’t think it’s the same for the Military Salute Ticket. You’ll have to check with our resort when you arrive, but from the information I have, the Military Ticket can’t be extended.

Oct 29, 2013 Adding a day to my Undercover Tourist tickets
by: Chris

Hello, if I purchased my tickets through Undercover Tourist, does this apply as well? I have a 5 Day Park Hopper and I want to make it a 6 day Park hopper? The customer service lady at Undercover Tourist told me it would be an additional $50 per ticket to add one day when I tried to upgrade at the parks? That seems crazy? I appreciate any guidance you can give me!! Love your site!

Dad Answers

I’m not sure why Undercover Tourist would say that. It shouldn’t matter where you purchased your tickets. It should just be $10 to add an additional day.

Oct 16, 2013 How about never expire tickets?
by: Fritz

Can you add days to “never expire” tickets as well?

Dad Answers

Yes you can.

Oct 07, 2013 add a day
by: Anonymous


If i have a 4 day hopper, Military salute, and want to add a 5th day it will only cost me 10 dollars to do so? We had initially planned to buy the 4 day hoppers and a 1 day ticket at 92 bucks a person.

Thank you

Dad Answers

Yes, go to the ticket booth or the hotel front desk and extend your tickets. DON’T buy a one day pass!!!!!

Oct 06, 2013 did i read that right
by: Anonymous

You answered a question about adding a day, if I read it right you said it only cost $10 per ticket to add a day, am I understanding that right?
Thank you

Dad’s Answer

That’s true if you have a 4 day or longer ticket.

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      It’s really easy to add a day, but be sure to do it before you enter a park on the last day. Once the ticket is used it can’t be extended (or at least that’s the way it worked a couple of years ago).

  1. We are planning a 6 day trip in October and were given six day park hoppers as a gift. We have six adults going and it sounds like we will be able pay the difference in price between a 2 day hopper and the 6 day, which will be a great deal, but not until we arrive on property. Is there any way we’d be able to make FP+ reservations for the full 6 days if we only have 2 days of hoppers each?

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