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Can I Get Credit for 2007 Park Hoppers?


by Cath
(Freeport, Bahamas)


I have 5 day kids park hopper tickets from 2007. My children are now teenagers, can I get any credit for the unused days on the tickets. (Not sure how many days are left on them)



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Dad’s You’re Not Going to Like My Answer




This is an easy one, but you’re not going to like my answer. Disney has some very strict ticket policies and timelines, and it’s very unlikely that your tickets are worth anything at this point. Let’s look at why.


Walt Disney World tickets have sure gone through a >lot of changes over the years. From the attraction ticket books with a separate admission fee, to all-inclusive tickets that never expire, to the current Magic Your Way program, it’s been quite a journey – but many families aren’t aware of all the ticket policies, so it’s important to check the details of what you’re buying!


Today, Walt Disney World uses the Magic Your Way ticket system. You can get 1-10 days of park admission with single park entry or park hopper privileges. Tickets are priced differently for children under 9 years of age than for adults. You can also incorporate “add-ons” like waterpark, DisneyQuest, or mini golf admission onto these tickets. They sound pretty great, right? The certainly offer lots of choice, but theres a catch: expiration.


You see, Magic Your Way tickets are only valid for 14 days after the first day of use. That means that you’ve only got two weeks to use up all your available days on the tickets after you enter the park once with them. It doesn’t matter that you have children’s tickets for your teenaged kids, because they won’t be valid anymore. Unless…


Unless what Dad? Unless you bought the No Expiration option for your Magic Your Way tickets. If you paid the upgrade fee on your tickets at the time of purchase, they would still be valid today. That includes your children’s tickets, which can now be exchanged for adult tickets.


If you’re not sure how many days you have left on each ticket or whether you purchased the No Expiration option, there’s no easy way to check the status of your tickets from home. No number to call or website to visit. You can’t even verify your tickets at your local Disney Store! No, you have to go all to way to Orlando and check out the status of your tickets at Walt Disney World itself.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Cath, I’m sorry to say that you’re out of luck on this one (unless you bought the No Expiration option). If it turns out your tickets are worthless now, you can always keep them as Disney memorabilia!


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Oct 23, 2012 Older park hopper tickets
by: Joanne I still have tickets that were not used also , we got these back in 2001 didn’t use all. Stll had two days on park hopper with no expiration….my mom and I took a trip in 2005 to Disneyland cal. and wa hoo we were able to use them. I was also told I still have 4 water park visits left also and they will still be valid.

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