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Can I get my Mickey Mouse ears embroidered?

by Erin
(Bordentown, NJ)

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“I have a pair of mouse ears that were previously bought at Disney but were not embroidered. Can we bring them back on our next trip and have them embroidered? What is the cost to have just the name embroidered?

Thanks, Erin.”

Mickey and Minnie with big ears watching Maleficient

Mickey and Minnie have their ears built right in – Photo by Andy Sanchez

Erin, I haven’t been able to find anything official about this, but from what I see, from what I read, from what other people have said, I believe that, yes, you can do this. People are buying mouse ears at the Disney store online and bringing them and having them embroidered. It’s happening pretty regularly. People are reporting that all the time. I do believe that can be done. I’m pretty sure that can be done.

As to price, it’s one of those, there are two levels of stitching they can do. One, the basic level of stitching is $3.00. The premium stitching, I’m not sure exactly what that means. The premium stitching is $7.00. It’s very, very inexpensive, not bad at all.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Bottom line is yeah, I’m pretty sure you can do it. I’d start at the Chapeau by the way, the Chapeau is the hat store at the end of Main Street. That’s where I would start to see if you can get it done. They probably have the best machines. They do the most hats, and that’s where I would start.


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