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Can I go to 2 different parks on the same day without a park hopper?


by Eric
(Azle, Texas)


Headed for Walt Disney World on the 13th. I have already purchased park tickets for each day (7) without a park hopper. I plan on going to a park every day, but if the situation arises and I skip a day can I use that extra day to go to 2 different parks on the same day? Therefore, turning one day into a park hopper day. Just curious.

2 parks in one day Animal Kingdom

2 Parks in one Day Photo by Express Monorail

2 parks in one day Disney Hollywood Studios

2 Parks in one Day Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s that’s not the way it works Answer



Good question. It would make sense that you could go to two parks in one day if you had a day left on your ticket, but hey, this is Disney. It doesn’t work that way.


Once a Magic Your Way ticket is scanned for the day it’s only good for the park it was scanned in. You can enter and exit that park as many times as you like, but you can’t use your ticket in another park no matter how many days you have left.


Adding the Park Hopper option can be done at any time, but it costs $50.00 plus tax per ticket. That’s a lot to pay to spend half a day in a park. However, it is cheaper than buying a one day ticket.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Eric, the last time we at Walt Disney World, the kids (18 and 23 at the time) talked me in to upgrading our tickets to park hoppers. They promised me they were going to the Magic Kingdom every night after me and Mrs. Mom went to bed. Didn’t happen. I spent $200.00+ upgrading those tickets the kids beat us to bed every night.


Sorry, it won’t work. Enjoy your days at the park.


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Comments for

Aug 02, 2019 hey
by: Anonymous People wonder-

I’m going to WDW for 6 days.
6 day ticket in 2019 costs $500.
7 day ticket in 2019 costs $520.
If I wanted to do HS and AK in the same day, couldn’t I just buy a 7 day ticket for $20 extra?

Disney labels a multi-day ticket as
“1 Park Per Day Tickets”.

1 park per day or cough up for the $60 hopper.
Somebody has to pay for them fireworks.

Apr 28, 2019 Just please answer the question
by: Not Eric Hey Eric,

It only costs $85.00 for a ticket if you buy them individually. If I add a day on my 7 day ticket, then it only costs me an additional $10 roughly. I could upgrade to a 10 day ticket and just use 2 tickets on 3 of the days for far less than purchasing the rarely used park hopper.

Is it possible to use 2 tickets in 1 day?

Dad Answers

No. You can only use one ticket per day. PERIOD.

Nov 03, 2011 did you get your answer?
by: another eric Neither one of these post seemed to answer your question.

Can you use 2 different tickets in 1 day?

They answered the question can you use 1 ticket in 2 parks in the same day.

Big difference.

I have the same question, so let me know what you find out.

Dad Answers

Hi, another Eric,

I’m pretty sure the original question was about a single 7 day base ticket and that’s how I answered it.

It wouldn’t make any sense at all to have multiple single day tickets. It wouldn’t even make sense to buy one single day ticket to get into a second park. A one day ticket at Walt Disney World is currently $85.00 plus tax. You can add park hopping to any ticket for $55.00.

The bottom line is it just doesn’t work.

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