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Can I still use old Walt Disney World tickets?


Video Transcript

I don’t know who sent this in. “I bought four five-day Park Hopper Passes in 2002, two adults and two children. We only used two of the five days, but my children are now adults. Can we still use the ticket? There is no date, only a magnetic strip. Is there somewhere we should call for info?”

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I get this question all the time. A lot of us have old tickets. I don’t have any old tickets that have unused dates on it. We always used up all our days, but a lot of people do have these old tickets. What I can say is your 2002 tickets will still be good.

Disney honors their tickets. If you went back with one of the old ticket books that was for Disney World, had the 50 cent entry into the park, you could get into the park. The little ride tickets don’t work anymore, but Disney does honor their old tickets. Your 2002 tickets with three days left on them, you’ll be able to get into the parks.

In fact, here’s what Disney says on their websites. Tickets purchased before 2005, you can’t upgrade. You cannot upgrade tickets purchased before 2005. However, while older tickets cannot be upgraded, if an older ticket does not have an expiration date, the ticket remains valid until all admissions are used.

So that’s it. You can use those tickets. You won’t be able to use a child’s ticket for somebody who’s now an adult. Those can only be used for children. You don’t have four entries for adults. You got four tickets. You only have two adult tickets and two children’s tickets.

If you’ve got grandchildren, you could take the grandchildren, and those don’t have any identifying marks on them, so you could pass them on to friends if you don’t have grandchildren or wait and use them when you do have grandchildren.

When you get to Disney World, just go to a concierge desk in the hotel, in the lobby of every hotel there’s a desk called a concierge desk, even the value resorts have them, or go to a ticket booth at one of the parks or guest relations, anywhere there’s a guest relations, and they’ll be able to help you.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line is absolutely. You can use your tickets. No problems. No worries.


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