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Can I swim at Walt Disney World in November?

by Michele
(New York)

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I’m just starting to plan our Fall 2018 Trip to Walt Disney World. By the way, this is from Michelle in New York. You’ve kindly answered questions about our two previous trips, so I figured I would ask again. Last year in September, we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and we loved it. But next year, we want to try the Beech Club. If we’re going to be in Florida at the end of November, will we be able to swim at Storm Along Bay? Which is our main reason for staying at the beach club. We want to do the Christmas Party, we’ve done Halloween Party couple of times and want to try something different. My sons loves to swim and we usually spend all of our time down in the resort pools. So my question is, if we want to be able to enjoy the pool, do we change the time of year we are going or will be able to swim? I know you can predict future weather, but I just thought you might have some good insight for us.

Swim in November

he pools are heated – you can even swim in November – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Well Michelle, you’ve come to the right place again. I am a certified weather observer by the National Weather Service. Yes, it was part of my job at … When I was an air traffic controller, to take weather observations. So I know a little bit about weather.

I’ve also spent most of the last 30 years, 40 years, in Oklahoma where we live in Tornado Alley and every night the number one rated news show is the Weather in Oklahoma. So I’ve learned lots and lots about weather. Kind of know how it works.

Florida weather is a mish-mash. Typically in November, the average temperature, the average high is 78. The average low is 60. So just based on that, you probably will be able to swim. Disney pools are heated.

Will there be hotter day? I’ve been, last year I was there December and it was like 95, on December 13th. It was hot. It can be very hot in November. Any time in November, you can get very times. Been in November when it was in the mid 80’s, so it’s very likely that you’ll be able to swim.

Could it be cold? It can get cold too. Not as cold in November as December and not as likely in November as December.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

November is a good time when it comes to pools and Disney. Not a great time, but a good time. I would stick with your November plan just because you get to enjoy Christmas. Christmas is special. I recommend everybody go during Christmas.


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