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Can I use old Disney World Tickets?

I want to know if we can use some old Disney World Tickets? I have 3 Four Day Super Passes that I purchased on our last trip to Disney (approximately 9 years ago). We only used 3 of the 4 days on the 4 day pass, and I recall being told that we could use the final day on the pass during our next trip to Disney. Is this true, or did I dream this?

An old Disney World Ticket

All old paper tickets with days left will still be good

Dad’s Dreams Come True Answer

Years ago the answer was Disney tickets never expire. It was a big selling point with the Super Passes. Buy them today and use them anytime in the future.

Dad’s Disney World Ticket page

While that’s not true anymore. In 2005 Disney changed ticket policies and added a never expire option. Tickets purchased before 2005 never expire. Tickets purchased after 2005 expire 14 days after first use unless the never expire option was added.

In 2013, Disney discontinued the never expire option. Now all tickets expire 14 days after first use.

How to exchange old Disney World Tickets

You will have to trade your old paper or plastic tickets for the current tickets. If you have MagicBand you can add them to the MagicBand. If you don’t you will be given a plastic ticket in exchange. The good thing about exchanging is you can use the new ticket media at FastPass locations.

To exchange old Disney World tickets, go to a ticket window at the parks, to a concierge desk at a Disney hotel or to Guest Relations at Disney Springs. Present the old tickets and they will be exchanged.

Find out how many days left

To find out how many days are left on the ticket you either have to go to a ticket window or you can email to see what is remaining. Check out the Disney Ticket Remaining page for more details.

Dad’s Bottom Line

You might have been dreaming but at Disney World – dreams do come true. Your old tickets may still be good. If they were purchased before 2005 and even later if you added the never expire option. If you have old tickets it doesn’t hurt to check them out.


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Comments for Can I use old Disney World Tickets?

Sep 03, 2019 old tickets used for different people 

by: Anonymous

My friend has unexpired hopper tickets from 2002 that were used with her ex-husband and 3 children. We are going to Orlando and hoping that I can use one of the tickets. Do they have any way of checking who the original tickets belonged to? Or do you think I will be able to use one of them?

Dad Answers

If they are the old paper tickets, they do not have a way to know who purchased.

Apr 29, 2019 Question please 

by: Mandy

I have partially used tickets from 1997, I see you can exchange them for new tickets, but they were my mom, dad, and my two sisters and myself. No name on the tickets,I would like to use them for myself, my bf and 3 kids.

Would everybody have to be present when I exchange them? Seeing as how it was 20 some years ago and the kids I have now are 15 and 14 yrs of age. They would obviously know the they are not the original ticket holders. Can I go a day before the actual visit and exchange without anyone else having to be present.

Dad Answers

Officially, probably. Practically, I doubt it.

Apr 25, 2019 Super Pass Question  

by: Anonymous

I have some old 4 day super pass tickets from 1994. Can I still use them? Also- do those tickets include the newer parks? It says it’s good at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and MGM Studios. Would I be able to use them at Animal Kingdom and Disney Studios?

Dad Answers

Yes they will be good. No they won’t work at Animal Kingdom. Only the parks that were open at the time of purchase.

Mar 01, 2019 5 Day Super Duper Passes from 1993 

by: Emily

I have old 5 Day Super Duper Passes w/ no expiration date from 1993. There is one 5-day pass that has never been used; 4 adult passes with 2 days left; and 3 kids tickets with 2 days left. These are for Walt Disney World.

We are going to Disneyland in LA next month. Can we use any of these?

Dad Answers

Disney World passes are not good at Disneyland.

Feb 10, 2019 Old Tickets and Fastpass 

by: Anonymous

We recently found some 5 day park hopper plus passes from 2003 with no expiration date. We think there are 1-2 days left on each of them. Will Disney link them to our My Disney Experience before we are at the resort? We would ideally like to book Fastpasses ahead of our trip and if we have to wait to link our tickets until the day we check in, who knows what Fastpasses we will be able to pick up.

Dad Answers

You physically have to present the tickets for them to be transferred into your My Disney Experience account. So, unless you live close enough to go to a Disney ticket booth, I’d say it’s probably not going to happen.

Feb 01, 2019 Transferring tickets after a death 

by: Anonymous

My mom passed away last year. I found two 5 day park hopper no expiration tickets dated October 2007 while cleaning out her house. These tickets were for my mom and my former step-dad. They were divorced a few years ago and I have no contact with him. I am the executor of my mom’s estate. I believe the tickets have at least two, and maybe three, days remaining. Do you think Disney will possibly issue two updated tickets? Would I need to present the death certificate and divorce decree?

Dad Answers

Disney tickets are non-transferrable. You can ask (I wouldn’t worry about documentation or mentioning the divorce) and you might get lucky.

Jan 13, 2019 old ticket 

by: disneyfan

I have a ticket for a one day pass into any park with the goofy pin attached to it. It was issued in 1962, do you think they would take it???

Dad Answers

I’m not sure about that date. Walt Disney World didn’t open until 1971.

Jan 02, 2019 80s ticket 

by: Mickey

Can I use an old unused multiday pass from the 80s to attend the newer parks that were not built then? ie. Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios?

Dad answers

No old tickets are restricted to the parks that were open at the time they were purchased.

Jan 02, 2019 80’s child’s pass 

by: Mickey

I have 1 adult and 2 children’s passes from 1988. I understand that the old ‘Guest’ pass can be used without a problem. My concern is that the children’s passes say that ‘they must be used by the SAME PERSON for ALL DAYS. Since that was about 30 years ago, would I have to pay for the upgrade to adult and make the claim that my wife and I were the children that used these tickets in the 80’s? or does it not matter? Could I use these old ‘Child’ tickets for my kids tickets now? Thanks for your help.

Dad answers

Fortunately, Disney understands people grow up. Old child tickets can be converted to adult tickets.

Nov 17, 2018 Old SuperPass 

by: Anonymous

I have my old SUPERPASS from November 1994, it is a four day pass and only one day was used. I read the entire pass front and back and cannot find an expiration date, can I use the remaining 3 days?!?

Dad Answers

Yes you can. Just take it to any Disney ticket window or concierge desk at at Disney hotel and you’ll be able to exchange it for a current ticket.

Oct 29, 2018 2003 Ticket 

by: Marie

Hello. I’ve read through your answers and I can’t decipher which pertains to our situation, so I figured Id just ask!

My mother and her friends went to Disney back in 2003. Her friend worked at a travel place and got the 7 day hopper pass for her for 50% off but in her friends name (call the friend Betty). It has a magnetic strip and my mom linked Betty’s card with her own fingerprint. there is no name ON the ticket, but again to recap, it’s my mom’s fingerprint but Betty’s name on the receipt or wherever. I’m taking my mom (who is now 75) for 5 days and she has 2 days left on that hopper pass. Can she go to the hotel and have it linked to her wristband that I got us? or any suggestions/thoughts?

Basically I was thinking they’d have her print linked to it but not anyone’s name.

Thank you so much for your time.

Dad Answers

Here’s what will happen. You can take the ticket to the concierge desk in a Disney hotel or to any ticket window at the parks. They will verify the ticket then they will exchange it for a new ticket.

They will then be able to link the new ticket to the Magic Band. The old ticket won’t work anymore so you have to get a new one.

Oct 14, 2018 Old tickets 2001 and 2003 

by: Kathy

When I decide to use these old partially used tickets and have them exchanged for magic bands or new tickets will disney ever know who the original owner was? Or could we switch them up to new people? I’m thinking they didn’t track back then.


Dad Answers

Kathy, you are correct. Tickets were not tracked back then.

Sep 21, 2018 Use multi day ticket for more than one person 

by: Anonymous

I have a non expiring ticket from 2000 with 4 days left on it. Can I use this ticket to get me my husband and our 2 sons into the park for one day?

Dad Answers

No, that won’t work. Disney tickets are all based on a single individual.

May 12, 2018 5 days left on a 6 day no expiration 

by: Rob

I have 5 days left on a 6 day pass bought in 2000 with the no expiration option. If I trade it in for the new plastic ticket with the same amount of days, does the new ticket retain the same ability to use 1 day now, another day a year from now, and the last 3 days further into the future like the original ticket was supposed to function like? Or do I basically transform it into a ticket that needs to be used up in 14 days?

Dad Answers

This is one you probably ought to contact Disney on to be sure. My feeling is they ought to make good on the never expire. But that’s just what I feel.

Give them a call at (407) 566-4985

May 07, 2018 Old ticket 

by: Patricia

I have a ticket from the 90’s,question is….
Will I have to pay difference?
Thank you

Dad Answers

If you have days available on that ticket you can trade it for a new ticket for the same number of days.

If you try to use it to upgrade or add more days, you only get the dollar value at the time of purchase.

Trade it for a new one.

Mar 13, 2018 old tickets 

by: Mike

We went to DW in 1987. Purchased tickets at Best Western and went to park for three days all was okay until we went to EPCOT. We were hustled off to security and told tickets were counterfiet. Park was nice enough to give us three day passes (6). We couldn’t use them and returned home. Alas my parents died and when cleaning out house we came upon these tickets. Are they still good after all these years?
How do I get new ones if its possible?

Dad Answers

Mike, take the tickets to a ticket window at one of the parks or to the concierge desk at a Disney hotel and they will be able to convert them if they are good (and they should be).

Mar 11, 2018 1990 Tix  

by: Anonymous

I have 2 “all three parks passport” for 4 days purchased in 1990. They don’t say no expiry on them anywhere, will they still work?

Dad Answers

All tickets before 1994 are still good.

Mar 04, 2018 Can I use 2004 tickets from Mom & Mother-in-law? 

by: Robin

My husband & I purchased 4 day hopper tickets to Disney World in 2004 for our 2 young children, our mothers, & ourselves. Our mothers did not use 2 of the days, so each has 2 days left on the tickets. I have read that the finger scanners were not in effect until 2005. However, there are magnetic strips on the tickets. Will Disney be able to tell that these were our mothers’ tickets? We would like to use them ourselves this summer. Thanks in advance for your help!

Dad Answers

You will be able to use them. Just take them to a ticket window or a concierge desk at a Disney hotel and exchange them for current tickets. There’s no way for Disney to know.

Dec 16, 2017 Using old WDW ticket in Disneyland  

by: Laura

Hi there –
I’ve heard rumors that if you have an unexpired leftover WDW ticket, you can take it to the turnstiles at Disneyland and they will give you a ticket for one day at Disneyland. I was wondering if it is indeed still true, as my dad has an unused day leftover from a multi day WDW pass from 1994. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Dad Answers

Laura, that practice ended in 2013. You can no longer use Walt Disney World tickets at Disneyland.

Oct 18, 2017 Bought 5 exchange certificates – need to sell 2, possible? 

by: Anonymous

Were bought Disney exchange certificates during the Canadian 35 % off sale last spring (we are Canadian). My in-laws were to come with us, but now have to back out for health reasons. Can I sell two exchange tickets to another Canadian? Do they expire? Can I use the value towards another service? Help… I am stuck with 2 6 day park hopper tickets worth 1000$ CAD.


Dad Answers sorta

Monica, I can’t find an “official” answer for you. My guess is that it’s probably not a good idea. Canadian’s must produce identity proof when they activate tickets and if the names don’t match I think there might be problems.

Oct 13, 2017 5 Day Super Duper Pass 

by: Ben


I have a 5 Day Super Duper Pass that was purchased in 1994 and was wondering if I could use this for an upcoming Disney trip my family and I have planned? I was 9 at that time, so I am not sure if that will have any impact?

Appreciate any help/insight!

Dad Answers

Ben, yes, it will be good. You can exchange it for a current pass.

Aug 31, 2017 Hopper Passes from 2000 

by: Anonymous

I have four 7-Day Hopper Passes that I purchased in 2000. how do I find out how many days are remaining (its between 3 or 4 days). AND, can I still use them?

Dad Answers

Yes, the tickets will be good. As to finding out how many days, the best thing is to call Disney at (407) 939-1289.

Jul 12, 2017 She had a birthday  

by: Anonymous

I purchased a child’s ticket for my daughter and she is now 10. Can she still use her ticket?

Dad Answers

The official answer is no. The child ticket is only for those ages 3-9. Now is anyone going to ask for a birth certificate? No. Unless she looks older…

Jun 20, 2017 May 12, 1985 Party Ticket 

by: Anonymous


I have a Disneyland May 12, 1985 party ticket for all-day admission that is unused and in mint condition. My question is can I redeem this for a 1-day park pass next week? Thank you!

Dad Answers

Yes, at Disneyland you should be able to.

Jun 10, 2017 who to call to find out whats left on old tickets 

by: karen

We bought tickets years ago. How do we find out whats left on the card? I called awhile ago and they weren’t able to tell me over the phone. Do you have a site or email address that I can find out this info.
Thanks, Karen

Dad Answers

Karen, here’s the Disney webpage with the information about how to find out. It’s an email address but it’s the best that’s available.

May 31, 2017 OLD 1976 Paper tickets 

by: Steven

I have a coupon book for WDW from 1976 — labeled tickets A through E. they have a red stamped number on the back of the booklet….The tickets say good for choice of one ADULT admission to “Adv. Land, Frontier Land, Lib. Sq., Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land”

Do you think they are still usable???

Dad Answers


You are in luck. A complete Walt Disney World ticket book can be exchanged for a current Magic Your Way ticket. As long as you have the complete book you’re good.

May 03, 2017 Linking old tickets for fast pass? 

by: Anonymous

My husband has an old ticket from 2003, park hopper with 3 days left. My Disney Experience website won’t recognize the ticket. Any way we can book fast passes in advance with this ticket? We emailed Disney and all they told us was the amount of days left on the ticket.

Dad Answers

My guess is you can’t link that ticket. You will have to exchange it for a current ticket before you will be able to make FastPass+ reservations.

May 03, 2017 Florida Resident Season Passes 

by: Anonymous

My entire family got Florida resident season passes from AAA Christmas 2010. My dad never Took the voucher to the ticket window to get his actual pass. Could my mother now go take that to the ticket window and get a pass for herself instead?

Dad Answers

I would certainly give it a try. The worst thing they can say is no. My guess is they’ll fix you up.

Apr 27, 2017 old ticket information 

by: Anonymous

I have 2- 5 day park hopper tickets dated 1998 and 2-4 day park Hopper Tickets dated 2000.
The 1998 tickets have one hole punched in them
The 2000 tickets have a #2 hand written on them.
Can you tell me what that means. The value of the 1998 tickets is $179.56 + tax ea.
The value of the 2000 tickets is $169.00 each

Apr 26, 2017 Comment about last question I asked 

by: Rob Van Dam

Thanks for the quick reply. I have 5-A tickets…….14-B tickets……..8-C tickets……..25-D tickets……..& 20-E tickets….So your saying I would get approx $44.75 in credit for all the tickets?….Is it worth trying eBay with them? Or is that a fair trade in? I thought I would at least get about double that from Disney…Thanks again for your fast reply!!

Dad’s Answer

Yes, that sounds about right. I think I would try eBay first.

Apr 26, 2017 Alot of A,B,C,D,&E tickets 

by: Rob Van Dam

Hi there, Its 4:20 PM here, i just found in an old box that was in my closet with a load of Disney World Tickets.. A,B,C,D and E..There is no date but they look from mid to late 1970s how can i find out what each ticket is worth in credit towards a new ticket? thanks for your time RVD

Dad Answers


Disney will give you the value of the ticket at the time it was purchased. How much is that? Here’s what individual tickets cost in 1972 through 1982 when the ticket were phased out –

  • A Ticket – $0.10
  • B Ticket – $0.25
  • C Ticket – $0.50
  • D Ticket – $0.75
  • E Ticket – $0.90

    Full ticket books are worth around $5.

    You might check. Selling them on eBay might make you more money.

Apr 23, 2017 Checking Old Tickets 

by: Anonymous

Just an FYI, you can check old tickets by emailing Disney at

My question is if I have old tickets with 2 days left without expiration dates from 2003 and I use them now. Will I have to use both days within the 14 day period or can I use 1 and save 1?

Apr 09, 2017 Old tickets 

by: Michael

Hi , I have some old tickets from 1998 I’m not sure if I have any days left on them is their any way to check on this?

Dad’s Answer

Only at a ticket window at Walt Disney World.

Apr 06, 2017 Expires date on Disney ticket 

by: Niceb

My purchased Disney tickets have date of Sept 2016 are they valid to use in May 2017.

Dad’s Answer

There are two possible answers here. This sounds crazy, but it could be yes and it could be no. It depends. Have you activated the tickets? Have they been used at the parks?

If they have been activated, used at the parks, then the answer is no they won’t be valid unless you purchased the never expire option and they still have days available. They expire 14 days after first use.

Here’s the direct quote from the Walt Disney World website – “Walt Disney World Resort continues to honor all unexpired theme park tickets with remaining admission days.”

Mar 25, 2017 14-day ticket expiration 

by: Steven

The folks at Disney Ticket Inquiries are about equally divided regarding the meaning of Disney’s 14-day expiration policy. Do multi-day tickets expire 14 days after their first day of use (so if I first used a ticket on April 1, it would be good for fourteen more days, which would be April 15) or 14 days including their first day of use?

The wording is actually different on My Disney Experience depending on which FAQ you check. Does anyone have the categorical answer to this? And, should the longer-expiration opinion turn out to be wrong, would Guest Relations be likely to add on that extra final day if I present them with print-outs of information which contradicted the actual policy?

Mar 15, 2017 used ticket in 2004 and 2007 but still have time ? 

by: Anonymous

I purchase tickets in 2004 5 days hopper pass. use some in and more in 2007 but still have some left the ticket says 2007 after they issue the remaining days will I still be able to use the rest.

Dad’s Answer

Yes, you can still exchange the for the number of days left on the ticket. No problem.

Mar 09, 2017 Tickets from 2005 

by: TEE

I have barcoded parkhopper tickets from 2005 that were given to my family after Disney messed up our vacation. They have my step dad’s last name on them which is different than mine. Will I have any problem with exchanging two of them for today’s tickets? I have the original apology letter that the tickets were sent with also. Thanks!

Dad’s Answer

TEE, it might be a problem. I would take the ticket and the letter to a ticket window or the concierge desk at your hotel (if it’s Disney) and see what they say. The worst thing would be they say no.

Mar 05, 2017 Old tickets 

by: Ashley

These don’t have a name. They just say Guest or Child. I think my mom said they are paper. But I’ll have to see when I get them.

Mar 04, 2017 Old Disney ticket  

by: Ashley

I have 3 adult and 1 child park hopper passes with one day left on them from 2000 that my parents are giving me. One of them was my ticket as a teen.They do have the magnetic strip. Do you think if I show at Disney with my kids now…would i be able to use them without my parents there?

Dad’s Answer

Ashley, that might be a little problematic. If I remember right, the plastic tickets had a name on them. If the names on the tickets don’t match the names on your ID they won’t exchange the ticket.

There isn’t any problem with the finger reader because that didn’t start until 2005ish.

Feb 23, 2017 1997 4 day them park hopper 

by: Mr. Key

I have 2 days left on these passes…Is there a Disney number I can call to check to see which parks I can go to.. and do they include the water parks ..the date on them are 3/13/97 any input would be great.. and can they be used by myself and another guest I bring with me.. not the same guest from 1997.

Thank You Mr.Key

Dad’s Answer

You should be able to use it at any park other than Animal Kingdom (it didn’t open until 1998). Since they are paper tickets anyone can use them. There aren’t any records of who bought them.

Nov 26, 2016 Military park hopper from 2003 

by: Amy

My friend is offering me a military park hopper pass from 2003. It has one day left on it. I am not military. Can I use it?

Dad’s Answer

The “official” answer is no. All Disney tickets are only to be used by the purchaser.

The “real” answer is, maybe. I don’t remember exactly what the 2003 tickets looked like. Is there a name on it? If so, you might be challenged to produce an ID. Especially since it’s a military ticket.

Nov 17, 2016 Disney World 2001 Passes 

by: Anonymous

Hi there,
my parents have 2, 3 day passes with them (with barcode swipe) from 2001. But my parents can’t use them anymore and my husband and I are planning on going soon. in the signature section there is no name on there but not sure if it was assigned in the past. Would we be able to use it or do they check the names on it?

Dad Answers

Here’s what I would do. I’d take them to a Disney ticket booth and ask to exchange them for new tickets. EXCHANGE, not use them to upgrade.

What’s the worst that can happen? Disney asks you for ID and you have to say they were your parents tickets who tragically died in a plane crash or some crazy story (don’t do that, just tell them the truth if they ask). The worst they can say is no.

Oct 02, 2016 Guest 5-Day Passes 

by: Anonymous

My Mother bought 6, 5-day passes with Park Hopper options back in 2002, there are 2 days left on them. She recently gave them to me and told me to use. There are no names on them as they each state “Guest”. They were bought from a Disney store in Wisconsin and she states they did not take any finger prints or did not ask for names for each card. Could I exchange these for 2, Two day tickets at Guest relations or do they know who bought them?

Dad Answers

Yes, go to guest relations and exchange them. Disney won’t care who bought them, just don’t mention it.

Sep 21, 2016 1988 tickets for the Magic Kingdom 

by: Rosemary Simpson

I have 1 Adult 3 day pass with 1 day left on it and 2 children’s with 1 day left. Does this mean that I could take my grandchildren for the Day and not have to pay. I do recall t hat I was told they would be honored anytime. I never thought that 28 years ago I would still have them but I found them in my jewelry box.

Dad’s Answer

Rosemary, yes, you will be able to use them. Just take them to one of the ticket windows and trade them in. Just trade them in for a one day entry. Don’t try to upgrade them to multi day tickets (Disney only credits you original value which won’t be worth much.)

Wish I could find something like that in Mrs. Mom’s jewelry box.

Mar 15, 2016 Magic KeyCoupons 

by: Rebecca

My mom and I were cleaning out all her old stuff and found a booklet that has three Magic Key Coupons in it. Is this anything worth trade in value for today’s tickets?

Dad’s Answer

Rebecca, Disney will give you face value for the coupons which isn’t very much. You can’t trade them in for anything because they aren’t for admission. Your best bet is to sell them to collectors on eBay or something.

Mar 14, 2016 Commemorative tickets from 1982 

by: HPA

Any experiences with Commemorative tickets from 1982? Do I need to change them for entrance tickets at the park or can I change them in advance to avoid lines? And can i combine it with fast passes?

Dad’s Answer

You should exchange them (at either a Disney ticket booth or at the concierge service at a Disney Hotel for park admission. Don’t ask for credit for a new ticket (Disney will only give you the price you paid for them for a credit), just exchange them for the same number of day tickets.

Jan 21, 2016 Giving tickets to family 

by: Anonymous

I have tickets from 2003 (with magnetic strip) that still have 2 days on them. Is there a way for them to know that I purchased them?
I’d like to give them to my sister since her children are young enough to go. My boys think they are too old for anything Disney.
Thanks for your advise. 🙂

Dad answers

Yes, they do. When you activated those tickets you gave a fingerprint. Disney still will probably have those on file. They started that around 1997 or so.

Jan 16, 2016 1991 disney tickets 

by: Anonymous

Is my tickets still good am planning take my grandson to Disney in 2017.

Dad answers

Probably. You’ll have to take it to a ticket window at WDW to be sure. Be sure to trade them in for the same number of days tickets.

Sep 05, 2015 days left 

by: Anonymous

How can I find out if there are any days left on old disney tickets purchased in 1998 and 2000.

Dad Answers

About the only way is to take them to a ticket window at WDW and have them checked.

Aug 25, 2015 Old photo pass 

by: Anonymous

I have a 1 day photo pass left for Disney World from 20-25 yrs ago. Can I go to EPCOT now?

Dad Answers

I assume you mean park pass, but the answer is yes, you can get a 1 day pass into EPCOT.

Take it to a ticket booth, and exchange it for a 1 day ticket. Don’t use it to upgrade to a different ticket, just ask for a 1 day ticket.

Jul 25, 2015 disney land pass 

by: jess

hi i have a eticket what got used on the 22nd july 15 but it says can be used up till next year does this mean i can still use it even tho it got scaned on the day I visited the park

Dad’s Answer

Jess, if I understand you correctly, you got a ticket that you used already. If it’s a one day ticket then you’ve already used it and you won’t be able to use it again. If it’s a multi-day ticket and you activated it, you have 14 days to use all the days on the ticket.

The one year means you have one year from purchase to activate it. You don’t have to use it immediately. Once you’ve used the days on the ticket it can’t be reused.

Apr 25, 2015 kids are now older 

by: Anonymous

I have 4 park hopper passes from 2004 that have extra days on them. However, 2 of my kids were on 3-9 yr old passes and they are of course now in the 10+ category. Can we still use those passes for them? do we have to pay an upgrade fee?

Dad’s Answer

You can upgrade the child ticket to an adult ticket (the “kids” will need an adult ticket). You will have to pay for the difference between the purchase price of the ticket and the current adult ticket cost. There is no extra fee for upgrading Disney tickets.

Mar 31, 2015 old tickets spouce has passed away 

by: Anonymous

hello about 10-13 years ago i purchased two 5 day passes with no expiration date. My husband has sinced passed away. I was told that i could get them put into my name now. Can you tell me how to go about this please.

Dad Answers

You’ll need to talk to the Disney Customer Service Department. If you are at the parks, go to any ticket booth and they will be able to help you out. You can also go here and talk to someone.

Mar 08, 2015 1987 15th birthday free ticket 

by: Anonymous

I found a winning prize free ticket in my moms papers from the 1987 15th birthday celebration. How do I know if it is still valid. My mom can’t remember if it was used or not. And if it is valid how do I redeem said free ticket?

Dad Answers

The best way to check is next time you are at WDW take it to a ticket window and have them check it. If it is, don’t use it for an upgrade, get a comparable number of days entry.

Feb 21, 2015 Exchange certificte 

by: Anonymous

I purchased two florida resident exchange certificates to be exchanged for park hopper passes. We moved and never were able to use them. We have not returned and live in Florida, have the exchange certificates. Are they good and how to use them?

Dad’s Answer

This is one you’ll have to ask Disney. Their phone number is (407) 939-7523.

Feb 08, 2015 link to email check on tickets, and can not upgrade vintage 

by: Mrs. Renita Henderson

Vintage tickets are still good if days left. They exchange them for the new tickets with the magnetic strip.

If you have tickets with windows that need to be stamped, then you have to count how many times stamped, as some stamped the ticket crooked, and or in another day window.

To check other tickets you email a copy of the front and the back of you tickets and a copy of a photo id to : . They will email you back in a few days.

Jan 19, 2015 How do I check how many days are left on the tickets 

by: T Izzo

I need to know how to find out how many days I have left on the 5 day world hopper passes. They were bought in the 90’s forgot I had them. They are the old paper tickets, No Serial Number, No Exp date as far as I can tell.
Looking for some help, would like to surprise my daughter with a trip and if I find out before I go at least I’d know. Don’t want to go and get shut out at the door.


Dad’s Answer

You’re old paper tickets are still good. You should be able to look at the front of the ticket and see ho many days are left on the ticket. The dates they were used should be stamped on the front of the ticket and if there are days left there should be empty spaces.

You are correct, those do not have expiration dates. DO NOT trade those in for upgraded tickets. If you upgrade them they only give you credit for the cost. You an use the days left available on the tickets.

Dec 22, 2014 4 Day Park Hopper from 1995 

by: Anonymous

Hi. I have a 4 Day Park Hopper paper ticket from 1995, which has one day left. I called Disney and they said they would honor it. Do they allow a fast pass to be created for it online or do I need to do that at Guest Services in the park?


Dad’s Answer

You’ll have to do it through Guest Services.

Dec 02, 2014 1993 use anytime passes 

by: Anonymous

I found two partially used WDW use any time passes in my mothers files (she passed away in 1994 so I can’t ask her about them). They say the admission has to be used by the same person but I don’t know whose they were. My parents and my 4 siblings went to WDW in 1993 but there’s no name on the tickets. Will I be able to use them? Would they be good anywhere other than Magic Kingdom?

Dad Answers

Those will probably be good in the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT and maybe Hollywood Studios. It was around that time that Disney put a ban on old tickets being used a the new parks.

There is no way for Disney to know who the ticket was for, so they would be good. Don’t exchange them for new tickets (they only give the purchase price). Take them to Guest Services and say you admission to the parks for the days left on the tickets.

Oct 12, 2014 Tickets  

by: Mike

Reading your comments on selling unused tickets back in the 1950 to collectors,as you thought they would be worth more.

I have tickets 2 adults and 2 children hooper tickets with one day left on them.

These were bought in 1997 the 25th anniversary
Are these worth more to a collector?


Dad Answers

That one I’m not so sure about. The actual value of the 50’s tickets is about $5. Your tickets have a value today of around $100. I don’t know if there is any collector value in 25th anniversary tickets.

May 26, 2014 Old tickets from the 50s 

by: JesustheLionofJudah

Hi, will DisneyLAND honor my 3 tickets from the 50s which have no exp date and are full admission tickets? In other words, if I show up at the gate with my family and these tickets, will they let us into Disneyland for the day at no additional charge?

Dad’s Answer

You might check and see if you can sell them. Some of those kind of tickets are very collectible and will bring a nice price.

I do think Disney might honor the tickets with one day entrance. They do honor all valid entry tickets from any date. If they are the A,B,C,D,E type tickets, Disney will give you the face value. Those are definitely worth more to sell as collectors items.

It doesn’t hurt anything to give it a try.

Apr 18, 2014 used my 1995 tickets 

by: Mary

Amazing !!
Disneyworld Guest services honoured my Park Hopper tickets from 1995.
You’ve got to love Disney when they treat you like that.
They are so organized too. They had a copy of all the old paper tickets filed away in photo albums. They gave me full credit for unused days on 5 tickets which probably saved me $500. A good reason to always buy tickets with no expiry date (and then know where you filed them)

Feb 16, 2014 2008 tickets 

by: Anonymous

Will i have to upgrade them since they are old ill

Ask at the front desk of your hotel or at one of the ticket booths, but you should be able to use them as is. DO NOT try to apply them to an upgrade.

Feb 16, 2014 hopper tickets 2008 

by: Anonymous

Hi I brought tickets in 2008 never used. They where hooper passes can I still use them.

Dad’s Answer

If they were never used at all, they will still be good. If they were activated, they will probably be expired unless you purchased the never expire option.

Dec 02, 2013 Process for using old ticket 

by: Ed

How do I use my old Park Hopper pass. Do I need to go to the ticket booth first to exchange for a new ticket (I have 1 day left) or Can I go straight through? the park hopper is Mag Stripe paper card. I did verify through Disney that there is one day left…

Dad’s Answer

Take it to the ticket counter and ask them how to use it.

Jun 26, 2013 old tickets 

by: Anonymous

Can adult tickets perchased more than 15years ago be used by an adult other than the original person it was perchased for? Are they transferable to new spose???

It depends if they were activated using the biometric scan (the finger thing). That’s about the time Disney implemented the finger scan. Go to guest services, and tell them your story. The worst thing they can say is no.

Jun 02, 2013 1981 two day childrens pass 

by: Anonymous

hi there, i have a two day childrens pass that i used for 1 day as a kid in 1981. Can i use this pass as an adult now or give it to my child to use.

Dad’s Answer

It will have to be used as a children’s pass.

May 02, 2013 Old ticket book from 1978 

by: Anonymous

I have an absolutely complete WDW ticket book from 1978, admission, transportation and 10 “magic key coupons”(good for a through e attractions). Never used. Can I even trade for a current admission to WDW?

Dad’s Answer

You’d probably make more selling it on eBay or Craigslist. Disney only gives the original value for old tickets on a new ticket. That book probably cost $5 or so. If it’s in good condition a collector would probably give you more than that.

Aug 21, 2012 FL Res Ticket but not a FL res anymore 

by: Anonymous

I have a one park FL res ticket from 15 yrs ago and no I am not a FL res. Any chance I can still use it?

Dad’s Answer

If you were a Florida resident when you purchased the ticket is should work. I’d suggest you call Disney and ask. Here’s the phone number – (407) 939-1289.

Aug 16, 2012 1978 Disney World tickets still useable 

by: Anonymous

I have an incomplete book of tickets left from 1978 the last time I was at WDW can they be used?

Dad’s Answer

Not really. They can be traded for a current ticket, but you will only get the original value (not very much). You might get more selling them on Ebay.

Jul 28, 2012 old ticket use 

by: kris

2 part question:

Is there an up charge on the tickets – when you use them ( charging the difference between prices of then & now) and

Can you pay an up charge to have the more current parks added ?

Dad’s 2 part answer

First, there is no extra charge for using them. If you were to upgrade them, you would have to pay the difference, but you can use old tickets anytime.

If you have really old tickets, you will have to upgrade them to include the newer parks.

Mar 18, 2012 tickets 

by: Denise

Can we use old tickets for the water parks as well, or are water park tickets different from theme park tickets?

Dad’s Answer

If you still have a usable ticket, Disney will honor them. The reason I say usable, some of the old water park tickets expired 14 days after 1st use.

Mar 10, 2012 ONE more questions  

by: Anonymous

Hey it kind of helped but i was stil puzzled so lets say i have tickets from 2007 and its 2012 do you think we could still get into disney with these tickets?

Dad’s Answer

Yes, you can. If you have a park hopper from 2007 that has 3 days on it, you can get into the parks for 3 days. Simple.

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  1. I have 2 7 days park hopper passes/cards from the 90s I found when I was a kid. Each pass has 3 days left my mom thinks. We are going to Disney for 1 day in June. If I take them will they be able to add them to my Disney experience to use for each of my kids at a later date( I have 2 kids)? We would like to go in the fall, stay on site, dining plan, etc. can the tickets be linked to all of that somehow??

    1. Post


      The tickets will have to be presented at a ticket window or at a concierge desk at a Disney hotel to be processed to make them into usable tickets. You won’t be able to link them until you’ve been to Disney World. But once they have been converted, they can be linked. (It doesn’t help at all for FastPass.)

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