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Can we buy refill cups like they do in Universal?

When I was in Orlando last year, we went to Universal where they offer a “refill” cup that can be used between parks and refilled for under one dollar.

Does Disney offer something similar? We’re not staying in a Walt Disney World resort so won’t be able to buy a mug!

Thank you,

This way to a Cold Drink sign

Get yourself a Cold one – Photo by andy castro

Dad’s Not Yet Answer


The short answer is, no, Walt Disney World doesn’t offer refillable mugs in the parks. The only refillable mugs are in the Disney Resorts (which doesn’t help you since you aren’t staying in one).

Now for the long answer …

Disney talked about expanding the refillable mug program to the parks. It’s coming in the future. It’s part of the RIFD chips they’ve imbedded into the refillable mugs in the hotels. Those are programmed to where you can only use them at your hotel and they won’t work at the other hotels.

I think Disney is planning to expand the RFID mug chip program to the parks in the next couple of years. (This is just my opinion, I don’t have any real evidence to back it up.) I do think I’ve read that Disney is going to install drink dispensers around the parks that work like the hotel dispensers but would only respond cups that had RFID chips embedded.

Here’s how it would work, you would have the option of buying a mug that works everywhere, a multi-day mug (maybe tied to your tickets) that only worked in the parks, a single day mug and just a cup that was good for only 1 use. (At least that’s how I’d structure it.)

These would work like the current refillable mugs. You’d have a drink station that has a sink where you can rinse out your mug. Then you’d have all the standard drink options.

Although I drink lots of Cokes at WDW, I’m not a big fan of having to lug around and keep track of a whole bunch of mugs all day. Maybe Disney could develop a system where you could present your Key to the World card and get a one time cup or something.

Like I said, all this is speculation. Nothing has been announced (although rumors have been around for a couple of years). But Disney does tend to follow the leader at times. Sometimes when Universal introduces something (like Front of the line passes) Disney responds with a version of their own (FASTPASS). That’s why I think Disney will introduce something in the near future.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Lou, while you can’t get a refillable mug at the parks as of yet, I think it won’t be too long until something like Universal’s program will be available.

Comments for

Apr 28, 2013 refillable mugs
by: Jami

Dad I would think Disney would’ve been on this by now! Imagine the amount of money & trash they’d save by allowing refillable mugs in the park. Of course they could still keep some paper cups for those guests who choose but allow those guests who purchased a resort mug to use them in the parks, after all it is their choice to carry them around. Or as an option have Disney mugs available in the parks for purchase. Disney could make a lot of money with that especially if they made it as a collectors item with characters or year specific. Charge a nominal fee of $1 per refill. This would also save guests money as it would eliminate some of the plastic pop bottle buying, etc.

Apr 28, 2013 Thank you
by: Lou

Thanks Dad!

What measures would you take to save a bit of cash on drinks whilst in the parks?


Dad Answers

Lou, you can bring drinks into the parks. Pack up a backpack with some partially frozen water bottles, when you get in the park, fill them with water at the fountain and add whatever flavor you prefer and you have an instant special drink.

Apr 27, 2013 pop
by: michelle

Last year when we were at the hollywood studios we saw people who had there refillable mug from the resort and were using them in the quick serve resturant that was near the starwars ride. I didn’t think that was allowed. The pop despencer was around the corner from the food area so the people working there didn’t have a really good view. I questioned my husband and he didn’t know either. We just used ours for the water in the park.

Dad Answers


You are correct. The refillable mugs at Disney World are for the hotels only, not the parks.

Apr 27, 2013 Refillable cups
by: Mhairi

Just read your posting on the refill cups,Good to now about the universal refill cups. We are staying in a disney hotel resort in july, and Ive been told a couple of differents things, yes we can buy a refill cup, and get it refilled anytime that day, but its only for that one day, if you want another one we have to buy another cup. is this right?

Dad’s Answer


The refillable cups at Universal Studios are good forever. Once you purchase them you can refill them at Universal for as long as you have them. It costs 99¢ plus tax to refill. The cup costs $8.99 plus tax. Not only is there a refillable cup, there is a refillable popcorn bag.

Now the cups and bags do say on them that they are good for the day of purchase only, but Universal employees say that any refillable Universal mug is good. (That’s because they charge for the refill.)

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