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Can we change our ADR’s from 3 to 4?


by Mark Grdinich
(Youngstown, Ohio, USA)


Hey dad! Big fan. Mark here and I have a question about dinner reservations. I am going with myself, wife and son and we have reservations for a few places. My brother is also going down to Disney but we did not put 4 on the reservations and now everything is booked. My question is, is there anyway to squeeze him in with us? Is Disney willing to do such a thing or no? Just wondering if you had the answer or ever experienced this problem. Thanks dad!



Seating at the Sci Fi Dine In

Most tables seat a even number Photo by Brett Kiger

Dad’s three or four shouldn’t matter.




Here’s what you do …


Yes, I know your Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) are for 3 guests. Adding a fourth is not as difficult as it seems.


First thing to do it to call (407) WDW-DINE with reservations in hand and ask the agent if you can add one person to each reservation. It shouldn’t take too long.


Why do I say it shouldn’t matter much? Because most restaurants tables are built for 4 people. Going from 3 to 4 is easy. If you were going from 4 to 5 it would be a different story.


Most restaurants, like Sci Fi Dine In shown above, have tables that are set up for an even number of people. So with three you would have an empty chair. Now a few, like ‘the Biergarten have big tables where they seat several parties at the same table could be a challenge.


Give Disney a call, all they can say is no.


I don’t remember adding people to any of our reservations. When the whole gang went we did change a few (when your making reservations for 15, it’s a whole new ballgame).


PS. If you’d made your reservation with Destinations to Travel it would have been easy. You would have just called them and let them take care of the changes. So easy.


Destinations to Travel page


Dad’s Bottom Line


Mark, I hope all goes well, but go ahead and call and don’t wait until you get to the restaurant.


inside the Sci Fi Dine In



the fire pit at 'Ohana



the disney world website for ADRs

advanced dining reservations


Disney Dining Plan

dining plan


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