Can We Check Our Park Hoppers Online?

Can We Check Our Park Hoppers Online?

I have 4 park hoppers and I don't remember if there are any days left on them. is there a way to check on line?

Disney World 5 day Passport

An old Disney World 5 day World Passport

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Dad’s no, you can't Answer

For all of the wonderful customer service that Disney offers, there are a few seemingly simple options that are lacking. Magic Your Way Tickets are a great example of this – you can buy them online, but you can’t check your remaining days online. You have go physically to a park to verify your valid dates. No, you can't even call. Then again, maybe there is a simple answer – most tickets nowadays expire within 2 weeks of their first use.

(Oddly enough, you could check them at the Disney Store until about 3 years ago.)

Over the years, tickets at Walt Disney World have undergone a series of changes. At first, guests paid a separate entrance fee and bought books of attraction tickets. Eventually the modern attractions-included tickets were introduced, and finally Park Hopper tickets were added as parks expanded beyond the Magic Kingdom.

Back in the day, your multi-day passes were good forever until you had used up all the days of admission that you purchased. But a few years ago, Disney made a big change: now Magic Your Way park tickets – including Park Hopper passes – expire within 14 days of the first date of use. That means you can’t simply buy a multi-day ticket and use it throughout the year, you have only 2 weeks maximum before it expires.

There is the option to add “No Expiration” onto your Magic Your Way tickets, but it’s costly and generally doesn’t make much sense to purchase.

If you have passes from 2005 or earlier with days remaining, make sure to take them along. They are still good and you can look at them and see how many days are left.

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Dad's Bottom Line

There’s no way to check your remaining ticket entry balance on line or even by phone – you’ll have to go in person to find out if you have any days left on your tickets, but if the tickets are older than 2 weeks and you don’t have the No Expiration option, the answer is simple: your passes are probably void.

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Oct 10, 2018
Remaining days on tickets
by: Tanya

You can check remaining days on your tickets if you have the "my Disney experience"app. As long as you link up your tickets to your account you will be able to see how many days are remaining.

Jul 02, 2018
Benefit to buying "no expiration"
by: Annette

A great benefit to purchasing the no expiration up grade is...If buying for a child at the child price, the unused days on that child ticket can still be used when adult admission price applies!! That is a wonderful money saver.

Dad Answers

If only you could. Disney no longer offers the no expiration option.

Jun 16, 2016
Can be checked through email
by: Anonymous

The tickets can be checked through email...must include a copy of both sides of the ticket...your full name and copy of your drivers license is what i was told.... here is the email..and bellow is a link to the instructions.

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