Can We Pool Hop at Disney World?

Can We Pool Hop at Disney World?

Do guests at from one Disney hotel (ex: Floridian) have access to the pool facilities of another hotel (ex: Polynesian)?

The Quiet Pool at the Grand Floridian

Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s No Pool Hopping Answer

All of the Walt Disney World resort hotels have pools. Great pools, in fact. Sure, the more expensive the resort you stay at, the more elaborate the pool will be. But even the Value resorts have fantastic pool amenities. All of the Disney hotels have multiple pools, and you can pool hop all you want at your own resort, but being a guest at one doesn’t entitle you to use the pool at another.

Dad’s Guide to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

There’s no denying that pool hopping happens. But lately, Disney has been cracking down. It all started with Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts – this is one incredible pool, it’s practically a mini water park! It was so popular that pool hoppers and Orlando locals were stopping in and the resort guests couldn’t use it. Now there is a Key To The World card check for every person allowed in.

Kiester Coaster at Boardwalk Inn

The Keister Coaster pool slide at the Boardwalk Inn and Villas

Photo by Express Monorail

It’s more common to see the no pool hopping rule enforced at the Deluxe resorts, but it can happen anywhere. If you pool hop, will you be caught? Maybe. Do people do it anyway? You bet! Is it worth the risk? Probably not. Would Dad do it? Nope!

The pools you find in a Walt Disney World resort hotel are always clean, whimsical, and themed perfectly to the resort they’re located in. In Dad’s opinion, even if Disney allowed it, you’d have no reason to pool hop because each pool is so unique you might as well spend time enjoying the one at your own resort.

Each of the Value resorts have a feature pool located near the main building, where Cast Members play music and plan activities or games throughout the day. This pool will have a fountain feature, and a wading pool close by – the Art of Animation resort even has a mini splash park for toddlers! You’ll also find smaller pools located near rooms at the far ends of the resort – the All-Star Resorts each have one and the Art of Animation and Pop Century have two.

All Star Sports Pool

The Pool at the All Star Sports Resort

Photo by bestofwdw

The Moderate resorts each have a feature pool, typically located near the center of the resort, which include things like fountains, small waterslides, and a hot tub. These resorts also have smaller pools around the resorts to accommodate guests who want a quieter experience or who have rooms that are quite far away from the feature pool.

The Deluxe hotels have the most detailed pool areas, each with a feature pool that is usually quite impressive (like the Volcano Pool at the Polynesian Resort or Stormalong Bay at the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. They also have hot tubs, with the exception of the Polynesian Resort (wouldn’t it have been cool if they had stuck a hot tub at the top of the Volcano?).

These hotels also have one or two small pools also, and some of these have unique features too – for instance, the small pools at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and the Contemporary Resort are located next to the beach with fantastic views!

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Dad's Bottom Line

Don’t bother pool hopping. Wherever you stay, your pool will be lots of fun – trust me. Even when they were all grown up, the Princess and the Man Child still loved the pool at the Pop Century! If you’re really looking for a change of scenery, you can always visit the water parks, which have the best pools at Walt Disney World by far!

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