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Can we rent a Grand Villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge?


by Judy


I am planning a family vacation in late April 2015 to Disney World. There are 10 of us going (6 adults and 4 children). I would like to rent a grand villa so we can all stay together. What are my chances of being able to rent one (I am not interested in renting DVC points) and how far in advance should I make reservations? I am particularly interested in Kidani Village or Jambo House.


Thank you

Dad’s maybe, and maybe not Answer




I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this answer. It kinda got lost along the way, but you’ve got a bunch of time to get ready.


The Grand Villas in the Animal Kingdom are amazing. There’s even a pool table in the 2,400 square foot behemoth. Four queen beds, a king bed and a queen sleeper sofa and FOUR bathrooms. It’s amazing.


Dads’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas page


But is it available? I don’t really know. You can’t book one online so you will have to either talk directly to Disney or use a Travel Agent (like Dad’s). There is a possibility that only Disney Vacation Club members can book these Grand Villas because of the limited supply.


I’m not sure why you are against renting Disney Vacation Club points, but it might be the only way you can accomplish booking your dream. There is a “safe” way to book DVC points. It’s through David’s Vacation Club Rentals. They currently charge $13 per point.


For DVC points, they can make reservations 11 months prior to arrival date for owners at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I wouldn’t even consider waiting for someone that isn’t an AKL owner. They can only book 6 months before and at that time you probably won’t get one.


Dads’s Disney Vacation Club page


As to making reservations directly, you should start as early as possible. For a 2015 reservation you will want to be on the phone with Disney (or have your travel agent do it) first thing the first day that reservations are open. That will be sometime in mid-July 2014.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Judy, it’s entirely possible that you won’t be able to book a Grand Villa directly. An alternative might be two 2 bedroom villas (which are available). Book early (use Destinations to Travel) and all might just work out. Good luck and keep us posted.


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Comments for

Jul 22, 2012 sounds like another family I know!
by: Amanda I worked with a family for almost 2 years to plan a vacation of a lifetime and stay in a Grand Villa at AKL. After months and months, and phone after phone call, I finally was able to secure the Villa in the Jambo House. This family (also from VA, as am I!) traveled in June 2012 and had the best vacation with lots of very positive feedback on the Grand Villa. Destinations to Travel would love to help your family with your vacation too!

Jul 15, 2012 other option for large groups
by: Anonymous Sounds like they have their heart set on the Villas…but do they know about The Art of Animation Resort for large groups to say together? Just a suggestion.

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