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Can you combine Magic Your Way Base Tickets?


by Catherine
(Brooklyn, NY)


Hi Dad,


DH and I are Annual Passholders. We are going back to WDW in December and Free Dining is available with a Package including 2 Day Base Tickets. Can we take the value of our 2 Day Base Tickets (for DH and myself) and add it to the value of the 2 Day Base Ticket for DD who is joining us, to partially pay for her 8 Day Park Hopper? We did this once before (a few years ago) and the Cast Member at the hotel said he would do it but that if we lost out KTTW Cards it could mess up our Dining Credits. That did not happen, but I want to ensure that this is still an option. It will mean the difference between nice, sit-down meals and grab and go counter service!



Disney Key to the Kingdom passes on money

Will you be able to combine on Key to the Kingdom? Photo by Whatknot

Dad’s I Wouldn’t Chance It Answer




When it comes to slicing and dicing up Walt Disney World vacation packages to suite your personal needs, it can be a tricky business. Disney will allow you to book any combination of park tickets, accommodations, and dining you want if you’re willing to pay, but when it comes to pre-packaged promos you have to take them as offered. But don’t worry – in your case the free dining promo can actually save you money – even with the extra tickets needed.


Disney does offer the option to keep your tickets separated from your Key to the World card, but… (isn’t there always a but?) Disney has been known to cancel or modify reservations at check in based on their most current policies. So, even though you were able to combine your pack tickets before, you may not be able to do so again with the current policies in place.


In addition to the unpredictable policies, there is always the Cast Member factor. The Cast Member who checked you in last time might have been more sympathetic to your situation or more knowledgeable about bending the rules. All bets are off on the Cast Member who checks you in this time – he or she could be unwilling or unable to modify your tickets, possibly even flagging your reservation as a problem – something that could cause a lot of headaches and heartache.


So Dad, then what you’re saying is, I’m doomed to eat in Quick Service restaurants this trip and pay every meal out of pocket? No, actually, I didn’t say that. In your case, I think it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too.


Let’s look at the math. Your daughter’s 8 day park hopper pass is going to cost you $378.08 – you can’t get around that, whether you go with the free dining package or pay every meal out of pocket. If you and your husband also wanted free dining, you’d each have to buy 2 day base tickets, for a total of $374.88. But, since you have annual passes, these tickets would go to waste – you don’t need them to get into the parks.


But, (don’t forget, sometimes a but is a good thing!) even though your park tickets would virtually go in the garbage (please don’t actually throw your Key to the World cards in the garbage!), the cost of buying those base tickets is far less expensive than buying your meals out of pocket for 3 people for 8 days, even if you only dined at Quick Service locations!


WAIT JUST A MINUTE! I just figured this out.


The cost of your tickets would be $374.88. If you bought the Quick Service Dining Plan for 2 adults and one child it would cost $687.04. So to get free dining worth at least $687.04 you only have to spend $374.88. That’s a no brainer. Really. Plus you get 3 of those really cute mugs.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Catherine, personally, I wouldn’t take the chance of trying to skirt the system with any Key to the Word card funny business – you could end up in quite a pickle. Buy the extra tickets even though you won’t use them – it’s just cheaper … LOTS CHEAPER!


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