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Candlelight Processional Celebrity Narrators

by Kat


I’m so glad you know everything since I can’t find this answer anywhere. It’s time to book the dining pkg for the 2011 Candlelight Processional, but…with the exception of Neil Patrick Harris, the list of Candlelight Processional Celebrity narrators shows TBA for the week we’re going (12-11/12-17). You keep your ear to the ground, right? Any rumors of who might be there? Many thanks for your excellent guidance.

Dad’s nope, no word Answer


Hi, Kat. How are you?


As you were so kind to point out, I do know Walt Disney World but …


Disney hasn’t made any more announcements. I found some last week and put them up on the Candlelight Processional page. But now when I look at the Disney site they have taken those names down again.


So, even though I know everything about Walt Disney World, until Disney makes up their mind I don’t know anything. (How do you like that for doublespeak. I’ve been watching way too much political TV lately.)


Here is last years list.

  • Nov 26 – 28 Isabella Rossellini
  • Nov 29 – Dec. 1 John O’Hurly
  • Dec 2 – 4 Corbin Bernsen
  • Dec 5 – 6 Susan Lucci
  • Dec 7 – 9 Jodi Benson
  • Dec 10 – 11 Whoopi Goldberg
  • Dec. 12 – 15 Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Dec 16 – 18 Thomas Gibson
  • Dec 19 – 21 Trace Adkins
  • Dec 22 -23 Brad Garrett
  • Dec 24 – 27 Edward James Olmos
  • Dec. 28 – 30 Marlee Matlin / Jack Jason

(From the Disney Parks Blog)


So when will we have the final list? Soon, very soon. (Or later, you never know with Disney.)


Dad’s Bottom Line


Kat, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Stay tuned to the Facebook page and I promise as soon as I find out I’ll post it there. (I might even remember to send you an email.)


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