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Can’t get ADR’s what now?

by Cindi Wrye
(Watertown, TN)

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“What if a restaurant has no availability? What are your options?”

Via Napoli is a hard place to get an ADR

Via Napoli is good, but hard to get an ADR for – Photo by Cliff Wang

Cindy, it’s a good question, it happens a lot, especially with restaurants like Ohana, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Chef Micky sometime, some of those restaurants book very early. Sometimes before you can even get in and book, you’re at 180 days.

Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page

So what can you do if you can’t get a reservation? Well, there are several things you can do. First, you could just keep trying, that’s the first thing I recommend, just keep trying. Or as Dory would say, “Swimming, swimming, just keep swimming.” Just keep trying, because people cancel all the time.

There are times that are more likely for people to cancel. But when somebody cancels their resort reservation, if those resort reservations are tied to ADRs, if you’ve got them together in your My Disney Experience, which everybody does, both get canceled, they all get canceled. So just keep trying all along.

The second thing to do is to try at 30 days before arrival. That’s when final payments are due. A lot of reservations cancel at final payment time. So sometimes inventory shows up at the 30 day mark.

The next thing to do is to, the day of your reservation, to try that day. Even though, you know, morning, you want an evening reservation, look in the morning, look the day before, look those last few days. People cancel at the last minute. And sometimes Disney releases extra inventory those last few days.

A little secret is, Disney Restaurants hold some seats back for things like concierge rooms or special events or VIPs, so they always hold a few tables, and sometimes they’ll release that inventory right at the end. So sometimes the day of, you can go in and get a reservation. In fact, Stephanie, my assistant was able at 5:30 pm to get a reservation for ‘Ohana at 6:30 pm. The SAME DAY. ONE HOUR LATER. ‘Ohana is a reservation you normally can’t get at 180 days.

The last thing is, show up. You never know. It’s doubtful at those busy places, typically they don’t have any openings, but sometimes they do. So show up.

Our partners at Destinations to Travel can help you get your ADR’s set up. That’s one of the great services they offer. They will actually make your ADR’s for you.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

First, just keep trying. Second, try at 30 days, try the last week, try the day of. And then just show up and say, “Hey, have you got an open?” Probably not going to work but it’s worth a try.

“Just keep trying, just keep trying.”

Oh, I sing so good!


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