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Can’t get Flight of Passage FastPass – HELP!

by Becky

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“We are not able to get fast passes for Flight of Passage for out trip in June. Do you have any tips that will help us ride get on this attraction?”


A sign in the queue of Flight of Passage

The trip to Pandora is pretty cool – Photo by Brett Svenson


Unfortunately. this is all too common with Flight of Passage. After a year, it’s still the busiest ride at Walt Disney World.

Dad’s Flight of Passage page

What can you do now?

So what to do know?

First, keep trying. FastPasses for Flight of Passage seem to Magically appear from time to time. You never know when you’ll be able to get one.

The other thing to do is to get to the park early. I’m talking at Animal Kingdom, ready to go 45 minutes before opening and be ready to high tail it over to the ride when the rope drops.

If you can go on a morning Extra Magic Hour day even better.

Get there early, make a mad dash to Flight of Passage and it won’t be too awful.

Another time that’s not too awful is late at night. The later the better.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Flight of Passage is the most popular ride at WDW. Waiting in line is just what you have to do if you can’t get a FastPass, but you can lessen that time by getting there early or going late.


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Comments for

Aug 12, 2019 Fop
by: Anonymous

If you want to do FOP you just have to accept that you are paying $100 to ride FOP. That’s your ride for the day. Bring something to do for the 5 hour wait.

Jul 07, 2019 You just can’t get them.
by: Anonymous

Even as a hotel booker, which opens FastPass selections 60 days in advance, I was unable to get these.

That’s kind of ridiculous.

Mar 07, 2019 Fast Pass
by: Beth

Why are the fast passes gone as soon as you log in at 7:00 Eastern? How is that possible?

Dad Answers

Disney hotel guests can book their whole trip the first day they are eligible. Sometimes FastPasses are all taken by those earlier guests.

Jul 03, 2018 Flight of Passage
by: Daniella

I am in the same pickle for our trip late august. Looking at the wait times daily for this ride, i see that in the last few days the lines start at 200 min and actually go down towards lunch time. I think everyone is trying to get in early and still at 8am there is a wait of 200 min. 🙁 My only hope is that crowds will be better than now, at least according to a few crowd calendars I’ve seen.

Dad Answers

Late August the crowds will be way down, way down! Lines for Flight of Passage should be way down too. My guess is 45 minutes will be the norm in late August.

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