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Three phones at EPCOT

Can’t Keep Everything Straight? There’s an app for that

Hey Yall! It seems like our whole world has been taken over by technology. I have figured out how to use my phone to keep track of my appointment. I use my calendar in Outlook on my work computer to keep up with projects. It just seems like the electronics have taken over.

Three phones at EPCOT

I don’t think Lines will work on these phones – Photo by thecrystalskull

Saturday morning I went to visit Dad and Mrs. Mom’s house for breakfast, which I do most every week since Prince Charming works most Saturday mornings. Dad had cooked a good breakfast full of bacon and eggs. Dad is a good cook. We sat down and then I started asking about the Palooza.

It was just an innocent question. Mrs. Mom summons me to get the folders. I said “Folders?” She went off to the study and retrieved what looked like 20 folders. She said she has one for each day. I thought this was a little overboard, but Mrs. Mom loves to organize and she is a little behind technology. That is the way she likes it and that is the way it is going to stay.

I sat patiently and looked through the folders with Mrs. Mom and she thought she found a snag in the Palooza plan. After much discussion with Dad the Palooza was straightened out and the world went on.

After I left the house, I remembered that Mom should have just had Dad put everything into the Lines app.

The Lines app from has just about everything you need for your trip. You can import the Touring Plans (choose from over 140) or you can build one of your own. Then when you are in the park, you can pull up your plan and check and see how the crowds will affect it. Lines has up to the minute reports on the length of both the regular lines and when the FASTPASS return times are.

The Lines app is available for your computer, your iPhone, your Android phone or even a Blackberry. This is the best app for Walt Disney World out there. The best thing is it comes free with your subscription.

Get a subscription today

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  1. I was wondering if the Lines App has actual times or are the estimated times? I only ask because I see that Disney has a new app out with ride times and wait times.

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