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Car or Disney Bus Transportation

If you have a park hopper and only two day to visit, is it better to utilize our car or Disney’s bus transportation between the parks. Is the AAA preferred parking pass worthwhile?

Dad’s Do It Yourself Answer

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived my whole life in Oklahoma and Texas where we drive everywhere, but I always want to drive myself around. The only time we’ve used Disney Transportation was when we stayed in the Polynesian Resort and rode the monorail to the parks.

There was one time, and one time only, that we stayed without a car. That was when the whole family went and one of Mrs. Mom’s sisters insisted it would be better to ride the buses than to have 4 cars. (By the way, she was wrong.)

Dad tried the Disney bus service last summer when he was in Orlando for business. (Dad’s Disney Bus Transportation experience .)

Disney does a great job of transporting gobs of people around, but, you’re still at the mercy of buses that break down, run late, and get overcrowded.

Destinations to Travel


Dad always prefers –

A Car at Disney World

Oh, yes, and about the AAA preferred parking, it’s real convenient, but I wouldn’t go out and spend a lot of money signing up for it.

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