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Caribbean Beach Resort or Port Orleans French Quarter

by Todd
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

Carl – thank you for the answer to our questions and the great DS BD tips; we’ve booked the Pirate make-over and are waiting for the Pirates and Pals Voyage dates for Oct to become open so we can book that as the end adventure for the DS’s BD bash.

New Question: We are booked for CBR but the DW is not thrilled about what she’s read about CBR with regards to the walking and bus issues (long waits and times on the bus getting through all of the CBR stops). We will spend a little time at the resort but for the most part we are out in the mornings and not back until the evening. When we are at the resort we like to cruise (walk) around the complex and hang out at the main complex. With all of that said here are the questions;

  • If we remain at CBR; is it worth paying for a preferred room (not the pirate room but the bldgs closer to OPR)
  • We may switch from Caribbean Beach Resort to Port Orleans – French Quarter just for the smaller resort and better bus service???

Your thoughts on the above??? Thank you.

Dad’s don’t you know I hate Answer


Thanks for another great question, but there’s just one small problem. I HATE ACRONYMS. Yes, I know what all of them mean, but not everyone does. So for all of you looking for a translation for the acronyms above, here is a quick guide to the Disney acronyms Todd used.

  • DS – Dear Son
  • BD – Birthday
  • CBR – Caribbean Beach Resort
  • DW – Dear Wife (sometimes used sarcastically, although I’m sure Todd didn’t mean it that way)
  • OPR – The Old Port Royale which is the main building at the CBR (sorry, just had too) Caribbean Beach Resort.

To see more of Dad’s rantings about Disney Acronyms visit

Dad’s Disney World Acronyms page

On to Todd’s question …

Yes, there are some issues with bus service at the Caribbean Beach Resort. It can be slow with all of the stops around the resort. We also found getting to the Old Port Royale difficult. If you do stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort, yes, if you can I’d suggest a preferred room.

We’ve never stayed at the Port Orleans. About the bus service. For the most part the bus service at the Port Orleans French Quarter is usually shared with the Port Orleans Riverside which means you won’t gain a lot over the bus service at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

You will find that it’s easier to get to the main building at the Port Orleans French Quarter (but not Riverside) than it is at the other resort.

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I don’t know what I’d suggest. The two resorts are pretty comparable. The pirate pool at the Caribbean Beach Resort rocks.

Glad the Pirate thing worked out.

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