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Caribe Royal vs. Lake Buena Vista Village

by Kevin

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“Going to Disney World the week before Christmas with two nights with my family of six. My wife and I, our four children, seven, five, three, and eight months. We need a suite hotel. So far the Caribe Royale and the Lake Buena Vista Village and Spa were recommended. Which do you recommend or do you prefer other options? Thanks.”

Cars Suite at the Art of Animation Resort

One of the Cars Suites at the Art of Animation might be an alternative – Photo by Brett Svenson

Keith, I’m a Disney guy. First I would choose to go and stay on property. You don’t have to stay in one of the Disney Vacation Clubs suites. They’re very expensive. You’ve got the Art of Animation and the All-Stars have the Family Suites that are a lot more reasonable.

Dad’s Disney Hotels page

You will pay a premium to be on Disney property, but the good thing about being on Disney property is you don’t have to go off property if you want to go back for a nap. You can catch Disney transportation to your hotel and go back to the parks, it’s just a lot easier to go back and forth between the parks. You have that Disney magic, it just is kind of magic staying at Disney.

If you’re going to stay off property I don’t know specifically about the Caribe Royale or the Lake Buena Vista Village and Suites, never stayed at either one because I typically stay on property, but they are both well reviewed on Trip Advisor. Both have good numbers on Trip Advisor. I would say that one thing you might check into is staying in a house, off site in a house. Houses you can get up to five or six bedroom house for about the price of a value resort, $150, $200 a night and you can stay in a house with a pool.

There again there are trade-offs. You’re going to have to have a car, you’re going to have to pay for parking, all that kind of stuff. There are trade-offs. Me, I would probably see if I can find a way to stay on Disney property first.

I know with the baby you need refrigerator and microwave, all the Disney hotels have refrigerators. The family suites have microwaves, so that’s taken care of. Caribe Royale and the Lake Buena Vista Village, as far as I know they’re great hotels. Kind of hope that helps. I know that’s not a great answer but it gives you some options.

I would suggest that you get in touch with Destinations to Travel. This is what they deal with everyday. They’ll be able to help you make the best selection.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

At the bottom of that page there’s a form you can fill out. Fill out that form, send it in. They do work with off-site hotels, I think they still work with one of the house, the rental house company. Get in touch with Destinations to Travel and let them come up with a plan for you.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I’m sorry I can’t help much with the Caribe Royal or Lake Buena Vista Village. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Me, I prefer Disney hotels if you can swing it.


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