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Celebration Shirts

Here's something really neat the whole family can get involved with...


Matching family t-shirts! Now wait, and hear me out. While you probably don't coordinate outfits with your family in every day life, wearing matching t-shirts at Walt Disney World is super popular, and it's just plain fun.


And guess what? Dad knows where you can get the coolest shirts on the planet. Let me introduce you to my friends at Celebration Shirts.



Josh Deutsch has been a friend for a long time - he even helped Dad publish The Best of WDW! His team does really top notch, quality work. And the designs? Well they're really special.

Happy families in matching T-shirts

Why you NEED matching family t-shirts

I just love this idea. You get a set of matching t-shirts for the whole family to wear on one day of your trip (or every day!) - imagine the photo opportunities! You'll be able to get some great family pictures in your cool new tees. You could get them with your family name, the year of your trip, or if you're celebrating something special - like a birthday or retirement! It's a memorable souvenir. of your most magical vacation ever.


Plus, it's super easy to spot your family members in a crowd - just look for someone waering the same thing as you!


Cast Members will love your family spirit, and if you're lucky you might get a little extra magic because of the attention your shirts will bring you...

Place a t-shirt order

How to place an Order with Celebration Shirts

This is so easy, even Dad can do it!

  • Choose The Best Option for Your Family by heading on over to and choose the option that's best for you - a pre-made design, a pre-made design with your name and/or the year of your trip, or a totally custom design created just for you by the Celebration Shirts aritsts!
  • Pick A Design by browsing through dozens of options, and select the one you like best.
  • Pick a Color from the options listed for your design - there are lots of great choices.
  • Place an Order for the number of shirts you need in all the right sizes.
  • Sit Back and Relax while you wait for your order to be shipped right to your door.

See? I told you it was easy. I can't wait to order these for our next trip... Oh Mrs. Mom... when can we go back to Walt Disney World?

So many t-shirt designs

Get Started Now!

Trust me, this is a great addition to any family or group trip to WDW, and you won't be disappointed in the quality of product or service - Celebration Shirts really are the best!


What are you waiting for?


The next step is to visit to look through the options and find the perfect fit for your family. Let me know which design you choose!