Cell Phone Access in the Parks

Cell Phone Access in the Parks

by Myndy

Hi Dad, we went to Disney World last year and are going again this year. We were there the last week of July and the first week of August. It was very busy last year, we were told by a Florida resident that was there that it is usually not that busy around the time we were there. Is that true or should we expect extremely crowded parks again this year?

Also I had a smart phone with an app to let us know wait times and such. I had a lot of issues getting cell phone access while at the parks. Most of the time it was requesting a password which I did not have. Is there something with internet access at the parks that I was not aware of? Thanks for your help.

Dad's July is usually busy Answer


July is usually pretty busy. I checked Touringplans.com for the historical July crowds and last year was about the same as the years before. Disney actually reported crowds down about 3% last summer. The thing about this summer vs last year is Disney isn't discounting as aggressively as last year, so I expect crowds to be a bit smaller or maybe they know something I don't and crowds will be bigger.

Smaller crowds at Walt Disney World are a relative thing. Will anyone notice a 5% decrease in crowds? That means a 1 hour line would decrease by 3 minutes. Would anyone notice that? Probably not.

Now about that other thing. Can you hear me now? (Don't you miss that commercial.)

Cell phone access in the parks at Disney World can be a little spotty at times, especially during the busy seasons. Here's why. In a normal town (take ours for example) there are 75,000 people. They are spread out over about 80 square miles. There are probably 50 or more cell phone towers in that area.

Now let's look at the Magic Kingdom. On a busy day there are about 75,000 people in 120 acres. There aren't very many cell phone towers on Disney property so it becomes a issue of volume and usage.

Dad's Bottom Line


Disney is not big on cell phones in the parks. (That will probably change when Disney's park app comes out.) This has been a problem for years, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

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Feb 12, 2011
From Facebook
by: Christopher

I am a Florida Resident and have AT&T. I have never had any real problems using my phone or Apps that require a connection. Unless I am in a building. Just Sayin'. Awesome Site Dad!

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