Changes to MagicBand and PhotoPass

Changes to MagicBand and PhotoPass

by Kimberly


Recently changes have been made to some of the Disney magic that guests come in contact with at the parks. Those changes include MagicBands and PhotoPass.


MagicBands - Photo by Brett Svenson

Now when you sign onto MyDisneyExperience, you have the chance to decline your MagicBand. Prior to this change you received a new MagicBand with every reservation whether you wanted one or not. Last year when I visited Disney World I did a split stay between Coronado Springs and Pop Century, and our family had one set of MagicBands for each location. It was a bit much.

This change is a good thing if you don’t want tons of MagicBands piling up. If you are looking to have every MagicBand color in your collection, no problem. You can still get a new MagicBand with each reservation.

PhotoPass image

PhotoPass image courtesy of Brett Svenson

Another change is to the way PhotoPass photos are viewed. When you preview the pictures in My Disney Experience, watermarks have now been added over the photo. You must purchase the picture in order to see the photograph without watermarks. Once you purchase the photo (including digital downloads and prints) the watermark will be removed.

Most likely the change in PhotoPass came from too many people taking pictures of their photos online and not purchasing the actual photo. The change can be annoying especially if the watermark is directly over your face and you want to see if you look goofy or not before you purchase it. But my guess is, if you want a photo souvenir, you are going to buy it, goofy face or not.

If you could make a change to something Disney offers, what would it be?

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