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Characters In Flight at Disney Springs



The Characters in Flight ride at Disney Springs, is it good?


A picture of Disney Spring from Characters in Flight

You get a great view of Disney Springs – Photo by Brett Svenson


Let’s talk. First let’s talk about what Characters in Flight is. It’s that big balloon thing over in Disney Springs. I have to admit. I haven’t ridden it yet.


Time for an admission. Dad’s afraid of heights. It’s even worse than the spinning thing on the teacups. I can’t spin. I can’t go high. I’m sorry. It’s just the way I am, so I’ve never ridden Characters in Flight.


From what I hear, Characters in Flight is a great experience. You’re taken up to about 150 feet. You get a great view all around Walt Disney World. You can see the Magic Kingdom. You can see EPCOT. You can see Disney Hollywood Studios. You can even see Animal Kingdom from there. On a good day, you can probably see Universal. If it was a really clear day and you had really good eyes, you might be able to see Tampa.


OK, Tampa might be a little far, but … I used to work in Air Traffic Control towers, which are always high, and have bird’s eye views of everything. On clear days, you can see forever.


If you go on a pretty day you will be amazed by what you can see. By the way, the Characters in Flight balloon just got a refresh. They made the ballon to look more like Disney Springs and all the new stuff at Disney Springs. They added the colors of Disney Springs.


It’s a good experience. One of our photographers just went on it about six weeks ago. They had a great time. They really enjoyed it.


Dad’s Bottom Line

Characters in Flight, yes. It is a good experience. Some day, I may actually suck it up and try it myself. I’d really like it. I love seeing things from high up. There’s just something about going high up that kind of gives me the willies.


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disney world parks


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Mar 12, 2017 Fun
by: ceecee This isn’t scary at all…they did raise the price though. So it’s $20 for like a 10 minute experience. Doesn’t go that high so it isn’t bad even if you have a fear of heights, you feel protected in the cage type balloon.

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